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What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.

Learning is creative at Greenfield



At Greenfield, the National Curriculum is delivered through a varied and stimulating range of topic based learning experiences. Each topic is introduced through a 'stunning start' - a suitcase in the classroom, eggs in the wood, paw prints all over the room or a horse in the middle of the corridor.  Staff plan many learning experiences that relate to the topic but there are also opportunities for independent and child initiated activities which promote 'Learning to Learn' skills. 


Literacy is embedded within the curriculum and forms the key focus for learning. Maths is taught discretely with real life links made through our topic based work.


Each topic has a termly take home task. This is an opportunity for further learning to happen in the home. Take home tasks are varied, ranging from art based projects to written tasks. When take home tasks are returned to school, they are displayed for all to see. Staff appreciate the care and time that has been put into completing these tasks.


Each topic ends with a 'fabulous finish' - an invite to the classroom, an assembly to watch or a pizza party in the hall.  Often children and parents are able to look through the work that has been covered throughout the term allowing the children to discuss their highlights.


At Greenfield, we consider visits and visitors to be an important part of the curriculum. They involve people or groups coming into school to work with individual classes, year groups or the whole school as well as children going out of school on day visits or extended visits involving over-night stays.


As from 1st September 2014 a new national curriculum was introduced. School has developed new Long Term Plans in response to this.  If you would like to know more about a particular curriculum area then follow the link below.
All children will receive homework. Most homework will consist of reading at home, learning spellings and multiplication tables.
Parents are encouraged to ensure that homework is completed.