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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Week Beginning: November 2nd 2020

Thursday 5th November 2020

Below is a non-chronological report about Apartheid. This is what was happening in South Africa when Journey to Jo'Burg was written. Read it and complete the following tasks:

Clarify the meanings of these words:

segregation - inequality - treason - humanitarianism

Answer these questions:

What happened to the homes and land that belonged to black people, who had lived there for generations?

Why was Nelson Mandela such an important historical figure?


Wednesday 4th November 2020

Read the foreword of our new book Journey to Jo'Burg. The document can be found below. Once you have read it can you do these things:

Clarify (find the meanings) - elite - apartheid - stark - preach - customs people - oppressive.

Answer these questions - 

What do you think the aims of the anti-apartheid movement were?

Who else, from our last book, do we know that ruled and treated others poorly?

Why do you think things like this continue to happen across the world and throughout history?


Tuesday 3rd November 2020

Read the biography of Nelson Mandela below. Use a dictionary to clarify any words that you do not know. As you read think about:

How is this book similar to the search that we read last half term?

What is apartheid?

Why is Nelson Mandela so important that we should remember him?