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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Week Beginning: November 2nd 2020

Friday 6th November 2020

SPaG - 

Sentence types. Some sentences are statements, some are commands and we have questions and exclamations. How do we tell the difference? Use the sheet below to help you learn the difference. 


Thursday 5th November 2020

Big Writing - Aim for a page of A4 or more!

Write a biography about Nelson Mandela using the notes made from the course of the week. Sort the information into sections of his life. A biography is chronological, it goes in time order. So start with him being born and finish with his later years. Here is a short sample of Nelson's younger life:

Nelson Mandela's Long Walk to Freedom

Born on the 18th July 1918, Rolihlahla Mandela in the small town of Mvezo in South Africa, nobody knew just how important this little boy would become. His parents, Henry and Nosekeni, were part of royalty for the Tembu tribe. Henry was a chef and his father was the tribes king!


Wednesday 4th November 2020

Note Taking Continued - 

Continue gathering information about Nelson Mandela. Use websites as well as the information from reading yesterday to help you. You will need a good amount of information so you can write more than one A4 page about him on Thursday.


Tuesday 3rd November 2020

Reread the biography of Nelson Mandela. We are going to use it to make notes, so that we can write out own biography about Nelson Mandela. 


Think about the subheadings you will want to use, as each part of his life could have a range of titles. For example:

  • Early life / Childhood
  • Equal rights / apartheid / equality for all
  • Prison / Free Nelson Mandela


Today you are only gathering information in note form. Quick words, phrases or codes that you understand. You can use the note taking sheet provided below. Feel free to collect other ideas of reliable websites such as the BBC or The History Channel.