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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Week Beginning: November 23rd 2020

Wednesday 25th November

Story Writing:

Using your plan write your version of events as Naledi and Tiro get closer to finding their mother. Try to use all the features that we have discussed since September:

  • descriptions using adjectives.
  • speech using speech marks.
  • punctuation used for different sentence types ? and ! for example. 
  • paragraphs used to change place or time.

Try to write around a page of A4 at least. add details to make the story seem real. Where do they go? What do they do? How do they feel?


Please email me your finished story so I can read it. 


Tuesday 24th November

Story plan:

Can you write about what will happen next in Journey to Jo'Burg? Today you will plan about what happens next. You can make up what they do and where they go. Make sure to include good quality descriptions. 

The planning sheet is below. 


Monday 23rd November

Can you complete the following questions first. 

Fast 5:

1. What is an adverb used for?


2. Write a question using words from this sentence:

The time is 3 o'clock.  _____________________________________________________________

3. Which sentence needs an exclamation mark anw why does it?

a) What is it     b) What a good day


4. Underline the adjective in the sentence:

Tiro picked up the crimson orange and had a bite. 

5. Punctuate this direct speech sentence:

We can go now   said Naledi   because we need to get to Johannesburg

Now complete the Grammar Hammer in the resources section below.