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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Week Beginning: December 7th 2020

Tuesday 8th and Wednesday 9th December

LC: Can you plan and write a non-chronological report?
I can plan the sequence of my information.
I can use organisational features: brackets and bullet points.
I can write factual sentences using conjunctions (because, so).
I can write a clear report about apartheid.

Main Activity:

Start writing your report about apartheid. Look below for my example to help you with your work:

Apartheid: What is it?


The facts

South Africa 1948 is a very different place to the South Africa we know now. As at this time Europeans from Denmark and England were establishing (setting up) rule over the native people of this diverse country. The rules they create led to something we know as 'Apartheid'. Roughly translated it means apart-hood, separation, segregation. You may ask why, because of the colour of peoples skin. In this report I will aim to explain further the effects that this regime had on the people who lived there. 


Monday 7th December

LC: Can you sort information and make notes?
I can read a range of information.
I can collect information under each heading.
I can make notes using letters and key words.
I can prepare my ideas for a report about apartheid.

Main Activity:

Read the information below about Apartheid. Can you make notes so we can create an information page about this subject. Try to group your notes into headings. These might help:

*What is it?

*Main events?

*Famous people?

*What now?

We will start writing the report tomorrow and continue this on Wednesday.