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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Week Beginning: December 7th 2020

Wednesday 9th December

Read: Chapter 13 - Life and Death (Page 79 - 82)


Why call this chapter Life and death?


1. Page 81 - What did the doctor say was wrong with Dineo?

2. Page 81 - Why did they have to walk back to the village?

3. Page 82 - Would it be easy for the family to feed Dineo milk, fruit and vegetables? Why?


Tuesday 8th December

Read: Chapter 12 - The Hospital (Page 73 - 78) 


Churning -

Limply -

Hobbling -

Verandah -


1. Why did Mma take Naledi with her to the hospital and not Tiro?

2. Page 74 - What was Tiro asked to do as he was left with Nono?

3. Was the hospital a busy place? Explain your answer, use evidence from the text. 


Monday 7th December

Answer these SATs Style Questions once you have read the chapter: Journey Home. 


1. Page 66 - The author makes the train feel crowded. List 3 words she uses to create this feeling.

2. Page 67 - In the paragraph that starts: Tiro was beginning. Find and copy a word that means forgetful.

3. Page 69 - Why did the blacks calle themselves dustbins?

4. Page 69 - Why does Naldei feel silly about sharing her problems with her own mother?

5. Page 70 - Explain 3 ways mum's job sounds hard.

6. Page 70 - What does Mma say that the children learn at school?

7. Page 72 - 'She never knew her mother the way she was beginning to now' What does Naledi mean when she says this?

8. Order these events from this whole chapter. One has been done for you:


__ Tiro saw the orange farm they had spent the night at.

__ The children met mum at the train station.

__ Naledi tells mum about Grace's story.

3 Mma explains everyday is a struggle for her.

__ Naledi starts to know her mother better.