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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Week Beginning 2.11.20

Here is our online learning from Education City

Head to classwork and look what has been set for your child. 

This week there is a daily sound to learn, some word reading games and some shape and pattern work.



Share the 'All about the number 4' PowerPoint attached below and then complete the number 4 worksheet. If you can’t access the worksheet can you go on a number 4 number hunt?


Have a look at the story 'Whatever Next' below:

Whatever Next!

Ask where is baby bear going? Why? How do you know? What has he got with him to take to the moon?


Discuss what a list is. When might we make a list? Christmas, birthday etc.


At school we are writing a list of things to take to the moon. What did baby bear take? Can you write the sounds you can here?



Discuss how baby bear gets to the moon – in a rocket. How could we make a rocket? Look at pictures of real rockets on a computer or tablet. Share ideas. Discuss how we can make rockets using materials inside and out. Model using materials to make rocket.


Can you use any junk materials such as cardboard boxes to make rockets?

Model new ways of joining not just using glue such as tape, flange joins with tubes, bends etc.