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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning!

You can find all of today's learning on this page.

Please send any questions or work to look at via email to: smiley


We are still reading Chapter 3 of The Hobbit. Today our focus is pages 57 - 60.

Take a look at the power point below and try answering the questions.

Then complete your reading activity which is attached below the power point.


Today we are creating a word bank to help us with our diary writing later in the week.

Imagine you are Bilbo.
What could he see from his perspective?
What did he feel?
What could he hear?


Activity: Read the scene and think about the surroundings and how Bilbo may have felt. Write one or two powerful adjectives in each box to describe the scenes and also how Bilbo is feeling.

I have included some word banks for you to gather some ideas from.


Take a look at my example:



Improve the simple sentences so that they create a picture in the reader’s mind.

For example:
One night we set up camp.
Just as the sun was beginning to set, when our legs felt as if they were weighed down by bricks, we stopped and began to set up camp for the night.


It was a bit chilly.
The cool evening air blew around us, sending a chill up my spine, so I wrapped my garments tighter around me.


I felt hungry.
I could feel the deep pangs of hunger in the pit of my stomach and heard the great rumbling (not too unlike the roar of thunder!).


Our maths learning today is a recap lesson on equivalent fractions.
There are two video links to help you understand your learning.

Click the links below to get started:


Have a go at the worksheet below, I am attaching 2 worksheets, in class we completed a mixture of the 2!


Today we are developing our Science learning surrounding sound.

Look through the power point below and click the video links to recap your knowledge. 

You are going to plan and carry out an experiment surrounding sound.


Think about what you have at home that you could use to make sound with. Can you change anything to test if the volume increases or decreases? Or if the pitch gets higher or lower?


I look forward to seeing what experiment you come up with!