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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Wednesday 3rd February

Good morning Nursery! 

Let's start our bodies moving by joining in with this fab song and dance!


Today we are going to listen to and join in with Miss Doherty telling us a Nursery Rhyme and story.


Today we are going to make some sound soup. All the ingredients in our sound soup must begin with the sound "t".

If an item does not begin with the sound "t" we can not add it to our soup.


The Three Little Pigs

Knowledge and Understanding the World.

This week we have been learning about the story of the Three Little Pigs. Today we want you to build a house for the Three Little Pigs.

We want you to think carefully about your house.

Can you build a strong house so that the Big Bad Wolf won't be able to blow it down?

You could use building bricks, Lego, boxes, sticks, what ever you have at home.

Can you test your houses to make sure that they are strong enough?

Ask your grown up if they have a hairdryer, could they help you use this to test how strong your houses are. Can you blow it down? Here's one that we built.

We can't wait to see your houses, remember to send us a picture. 

Personal, Social & Emotional

We want you to choose one of the characters from our story, make a face to show how the character was feeling during that part of the story.

Can you tell your grown up how you think your character was feeling?

You could use words to describe emotions such as:

sad, happy, scared, brave, proud, lonely.

Can you think of any other words that you could use?


Physical outdoor learning.

Today we want you to collect some sticks outside, can you count them 1, 2, 3? 

We need a lot more can you go and get some more with your grown up?

We are going to use the sticks to play a game. The game is called "Pick up sticks."

When you have gathered your sticks, hold them in a bundle above the ground and then drop them gently.

Now take it in turns to take a stick from the pile without moving the other sticks.

Can you do it? It's very tricky.