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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning,

I hope you are all well!

You might have some of the worksheets needed for the next few days if you were in school yesterday but you may not have all of them as some of you left before I had finished giving them out. I will upload them each day so you can check. smiley Let me know if you need any help with any of your learning via the email below.

Please email pictures of your learning to


Check back later today for story time. 😊


If you are normally in an RML group I would like you to watch the video below to practise saying the set 2 and 3 sounds. I found the video on youtube so when the lady says Year 1 don't worry, it is the correct video for you all.
After you have had a go at saying your sounds I would like you to read a short text based on the 'ea' sound and answer some questions about it. You will find it below the sounds video. smiley


We are going to continue reading the story 'The Kitten That Disappeared'. I hope you are enjoying it so far!

Today we will read and look at pages 6 & 7.

Find Wednesday on the power point. Work your way through the power point, joining in with the questions. When you are asked to TTYP see if a grown-up can listen to your ideas.

Once you have worked through the power point move on to your worksheet.

Today you will be filling the gap and answering some comprehension questions.
Remember to skim and scan through the text to locate the answers. smiley

Maths: Red, Orange, Yellow and Green groups

For your maths learning today you are going to continue learning about fractions. You are going to learn about equal parts. 
Watch the video below and join in with the activities when you are asked to pause the video.
Answer the questions on your worksheet after watching the whole video. smiley

Maths: Blue group 1

For your maths learning today, you are going to learn how to find half of a shape. Watch and join in with the video below.

Pause the video when asked to.

When you asked to answer questions on your worksheet, ignore this part as you have a slightly different worksheet. smiley 


Maths: Blue group 2

For your maths learning today you are going to learn how to show a quarter.
First watch the video below that will show you how to know when a shape has been shared into quarters and what quarters look like in different shapes.


Yesterday you watched the story on the video and sequenced the parts of the story.

These were the main events summarised: 

Opening – Boy finds aeroplanes

Build up – Boy goes into space. Martian in space

Problem – Both stuck on moon

Events – Boy returns to earth to get things to fix vehicles. Returns to moon, Vehicles fixed

Ending – Say goodbye. Both go home. Boy gets a gift from Martian.


Here are some pictures to jog your memory.


Today you are going to retell the story.

Here is an example of how you could start writing your retell:

One afternoon a young boy was tidying up when he found an aeroplane! He felt excited when he saw the aeroplane and decided he would like to fly it right away. He took it outside, into the sunny garden and climbed into the cockpit.


I have attached some lined paper below in case you need it. 

I'm looking forward to reading your retells. 


Writing: Blue group

Yesterday you watched and sequences the events from the story: The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers.

Today you are going to retell the story.
You need to write a sentence for each picture.
Remember to use:
a capital letter to start

finger spaces
the little words
a full stop to end your sentence


Your sentences should be a bit like this:

The boy found a rocket.

Maths Practise

On a Wednesday afternoon we always practise a skill, today we a re practising addition and subtraction.

Today we are adding and subtraction using the column method.
Take a look at this addition example:
31 + 22

When adding two 2-digit numbers, first add the ones together:

Next you add the tens together:

Take a look at this subtraction example:

68 - 34

When subtracting two 2-digit numbers, first subtract the ones:


Then subtract the tens:

Story Time

It is time for the next part of our class book: 'Raider's Peril' 

I wonder if Katka will ever stop playing her game and help her sister with her spellings????

Raider’s Peril end of chapter 1 and chapter 2

Still image for this video