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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Wednesday 25th March

Remember to download your activity sheets from the bottom of the page. 



Today, can you recap multiplying and dividing by 10? Also, try doing the same by 100! 

Use the Learning Reminders on the document at the bottom to help you. 


Remember your place value columns like this: 

|  Thousands  |  Hundreds  |  Tens  |  Ones  | . |  Tenths  |  Hundredths  | 


Use these rules and you won't go wrong. 

- Move digits one space right if you are dividing by 10. 

- Move digits two spaces right if you are dividing by 100. 

- Move digits one space left if you are multiplying by 10. 

- Move digits two spaces right if you are multiplying by 100. 

- Use a zero to hold the place when there are gaps (ONLY GAPS THAT NEED TO BE FILLED). 




I'd like you guys to investigate 3-digit numbers like 635 and 719. 


Partition them, make them and describe them. Answer the questions and solve the problems, using the Learning Reminders on the document at the bottom to help you. 




Re-read The Princess and the Pea. Create a dialogue between the characters using the document at the bottom of this page. Then try to write your dialogue using direct speech, with the key punctuation needed. 




If you read Icarus yesterday, the second task is at the bottom of this page. It includes a new story called Perseus. If you have any other Greek Myths at home, have a read of those too. I'd like you to read through the story and try to complete the conjunctions activities. Then have a go at describing a magical object of your choice. It would be fantastic if you could get some conjunctions in there. 


If you have been reading St George and the Dragon, your second task is also at the bottom of this page. It includes a poem called A Small Dragon. You can read the poem a few times and try reading it out loud. Recap noun phrases using the 'What are Noun Phrases?' slide. Then add descriptions to the dragon picture and maybe try drawing your own dragon too! 


Other Activities




Choose an object in your house and draw it as realistic as you can. Remember to try and use your shading and sketching techniques learnt at school. When you have done this, see if you can have a go at drawing them like Salvador Dali. He was a famous Spanish artist and I've attached one of his paintings below. It is called 'The Persistence of Memory'. It has four clocks but they are melting! Try to draw your object again but make it melt... Good luck!



Physical Education


Here is Tuesday's P.E. lesson with Joe.

I hope you're keeping up with him. 




I gave you a list of Science experiments to have a go at. If you have investigated any of the experiments or if you have found one of your own, send me a picture or a description on I'd love to see some of your investigations. I will post an investigation on Friday. Come back Friday to have a look!