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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Wednesday 24th June

Good morning! Today is known as wild Wednesday in Carle class. Remember to keep sending us your FABULOUS pictures and work, we love to see you busy at home.


Wednesday is our P.E. day so let’s get up and moving!! 

Remember Joe Wicks P.E. sessions are streamed live on YouTube daily.  You could also try some of the Zumba dances or Yoga activities on the website Go Noodle.

We like …



From 1st June all lessons will be available daily at 9.30 am.


Se1 1, 2 and 3 speed sound lessons will restart.

Set 2 speed sound lessons will include new words for reading and spelling.



Today we are story writing. You will need your story map and adjective work to help you. Can you write the story of the gingerbread man? Make sure your story has a beginning, middle and end. You could try writing a sentence for each part or choose one part of the story to write in more detail.


Here is ours …


One morning the old man baked some gingerbread man. He opened the oven and the gingerbread man jumped out. The man ran after him. The wife ran after him. The little bot ran after him. The cow ran after him. The horse ran after him. The gingerbread man said run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man. The gingerbread man met a fox at the river. Hop on my tail said the fox. Hop on my back. Hop on my shiny, black nose. SNAP the fox snapped up the gingerbread man.


Does each sentence make sense? Have you used your Fred fingers to spell words? Have you got finger spaces between your words? Are your letters well formed? Have you got a full stop at the end of each sentence? Is your writing clear and readable?

Don’t forget to make sure the letters you write are clear. Have you remembered your finger spaces between each word? Our aim is that everyone can read our fabulous writing so make sure it’s readable.




Today we are going to start off by finding one more and one less on our number lines. Can you find 2 more and 2 less?

Today we are going to carry on with weight by looking at which items are heavy and light. Can you put all of the heavy items together? Can you put all of the light objects together? Attached is a sheet for you to cut out all of the objects with your adult and stick them onto the heavy or light sheet.


Let's finish off maths with a maths game, follow the link below. You can choose number bonds to 10, halves or doubles.




This afternoon we are going to design our gingerbread men and decorate them. Using the template below please design your gingerbread man. What colours will you use? Will you use sweets to decorate? Icing? Fruit? When you have finished your design you can now decorate your biscuit. Send us some pictures of your gingerbread men, we cannot wait to see them.


Story Time


Listen and enjoy 'I want to go first'