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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Wednesday 24th February

It's Wonderful Wednesday!


We've made it to half-way through another week of home learning - a big WELL DONE to all of you! Can you tell your grownup one thing that you have learnt so far this week?


As always, let's have a look at some of the fantastic work that you sent us yesterday before we start:

Don't forget to email us pictures of your learning! Our class email is:


Get Moving!


It's another Joe Wick's PE day! Access his PE lesson at 9am by following this link:


Remember, we've got lots of other fun PE ideas on our PE webpage if you would like to try something different. We have chosen to start our day with some Just Dance – Prince Ali song from Aladdin. Have fun!



At 10am tomorrow we will be setting up a zoom call so that the children can see their friends and have a catch up.


If we don't already have your email address please drop us an email ( so that we are able to send you the meeting ID and password. Without these we will not be able to invite you!


Remember to set your log in as your child's name. 


We have been reading the story of Farmer Duck so your task this week is to bring a toy farm animal or picture of a farm animal to talk about and show to the class. 


We hope to see lots of you then 😃




Don't forget to join in with your phonics lessons today! Access them at this link:


What sounds have you learnt so far this week? Can you think of a word that begins with each of them?




First let’s refresh our memory of this week’s story:

Today we are going to write the middle of the story. We are going to write from the farmer eating all of the chocolates to the duck getting sad (at least two sentences) – can you find this section on your story map? Here it is on mine:


Remember to think about what each of your sentences are going to be before you start to write them down. Can you clap each one out?


Your sentence structure could look like this:



Or you could extend it, and make it look like this:



Have a look at my second sentence. Can you see that I have used a capital letter at the start of my sentence, finger spaces between my words, and a full stop at the end? I have also made sure to write on the line.


Remember – please don’t worry about spellings! We love to see that you have listened to the sounds that you can hear in each word (e.g. duck could look like duk or duc).


If you wish to, you can print off the below worksheet to guide your writing:



For today’s learning we are going to practise counting to 10. First click on this song to practise singing numbers to 10. Let’s see if you can keep up!

Now click on this link to join in with today’s learning.


Below we have attached some numbers for you to cut out. First can you put the numbers in the right order all the way to 10? Now can you ask someone in your house to muddle the numbers up, just like in the clip with the crafty kangaroo. Can you spot the mistake? Can you correct it?



For your creative task today, we are going to be having a go at making something that you find on a lot of farms. It’s in the shape of a person, it’s made out of straw, and it’s used to scare birds away from fields… do you know what it is? That’s right, it’s a scarecrow!


To start off our learning, let’s have a look at a story.  It is called ‘The Scarecrows Wedding’ and is written by Julia Donaldson:

We hope that you enjoyed the story, it’s one of our favourites! Now that you’ve familiarised yourself with what a scarecrow looks like, we would like you to have a go at designing and making your own. We would love for you to be as creative as possible when choosing your materials. Here are some examples of what you could use/what your scarecrow could look like:


Junk modelling




Biscuit Dough






If you would like to colour in a scarecrow picture instead of/as well as making your 3D scarecrow, a worksheet is attached below:

We cannot wait to see what you come up with, so please don’t forget to send us some pictures!