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Wednesday 24th February

Wednesday 24th February

  • Below you will find all the learning for today. This includes reading, writing, maths and foundation subjects (Science, Geography, History, R.E, etc).
  • The coloured activities should be completed if your child is in that group in class.
  • All reading texts and learning worksheets can be found at the bottom of the page, some reading texts will be posted Monday and will be used all week. 
  • Videos are provided for new learning and to support learning where it is beneficial - please watch them, you can pause and re-watch them if they need to. 


Reading - Holes by Louis Sacher

Predict - We know that Stanley is on his way to a juvenile detention centre and we know it's unfair and all his Great Great Grandfather's fault. Knowing what we do about his Grandfather can you predict the reason why Stanley is now in such a tricky situation?

Clarify -  

Begin reading from where you finished yesterday and stop when you get to the sentence which says ' Things went wrong a lot. They always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

As yesterday make a note of any words you do not understand and use the dictionary to help you. 

Question - All Children

1. Why do you think Stanley's parents are pretending he is going on holiday?

2. Why do you think Stanley did not go on camp when he was a child?

3. Why did the children tease Stanley?

4. Who was the teacher?

5. How do you think Stanley felt in school - give reasons from the text?

Green and Yellow

6. Do you think the teacher behaved properly towards Stanley- explain your answer fully using evidence from the text. (3 marks) 


In two sentences describe what Stanley's life was like at school.


Writing - The Highwayman: Vocabulary and complex sentences

In this lesson, we will explore vocabulary in the opening verse of the poem and practise writing complex sentences using this vocabulary.

Can you recall what the different sentence types are?

Sentences can be structured in different ways.
A simple sentence has a subject and ONLY ONE verb:

  • The girl sprinted after the tiger.
  • The cat purred.

A compound sentence is formed when you join two main clauses with a connective. In a compound sentence the clauses are linked by coordinating conjunctions / connectives (and, but, so, or). 

  • I like bananas and I like grapes.
  • Zoe can be rude at times but she is a nice girl.

A complex sentence is formed when you join a main clause and a subordinate clause with a connective. A subordinate clause is one that relies on a main clause to make sense.The connectives in complex sentences are subordinating conjunctions and they tell us about the order or the place in which things happened or specify a cause or effect relationship between events. Connectives used in complex sentences include after, although, as, because, if, since, unless, when.

  • I love roast potatoes, although my mum prefers them mashed.
  • You need to prepare for the spelling test tomorrow if you want to get all your spellings right.
  • The big dog barked whenever I knocked on the door.

Green and Yellow - Complete the task as stated, then try to rewrite each of your sentences in a different way. You could try starting with the main clause or the subordinate clause. 

Orange and Red - Complete the task as stated, then try to rewrite one of your sentences in a different way. You could try starting with the main clause or the subordinate clause. 

Blue - Complete the task as stated.


Maths -


Green and Yellow - Today we are continuing the work on equivalent fractions. Your lesson can be found here. This webpage might help you see why these fractions can be the same value even though they look different. Your sheet can be found at the bottom of the page. 

Orange and Red - Tenths. This is a value out of 10. Think of the mm we use when measuring. 4mm is 4/10 as there are 10mm in 1cm. Today's lesson here is about parts out of 10. Complete the sheet found below. 


Blue - Today you will be moving on your grid and recording the new coordinates you arrive at. Your worksheet uses the word 'translate' . So if it asks you to translate your position 3 squares to the right this means move three points to the right. When you look at your worksheet you will see that I have completed an example for you, I would like you to answers questions 1 - 3 today.


Foundation - PE and Assembly

Physical Activity

Go for a walk

Follow the Covid safety guidelines. What can you see around your local area that has changed? Can you see any signs of spring coming yet? How is the weather different? Did you see any animals?

Joe Wickes

Can your child on one or all of these days take part in this exercise class. Its a good way to keep up an active lifestyle while in lockdown.

Dance with Oti

Type this in the search bar of your computer- or you can find it on BBC iplayer.

Can you join in with one of Oti's Boogie Beebies dances (they are not as easy as you might think) 


Assembly -

This week's assembly can be found here. Look for the document that says Picture Hews at home, this contains your activity. If you need extra information the page also has a video link which will help you