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Imagine, Believe, Succeed



This week we have been reading Mulan.  Yesterday we reached the part where she has decided that she should be the family member who joins the army!



Open up Wednesday’s powerpoint and pages to read at in the resources section below:

  •  Pages to read (Wednesday 24.2.21)
  •  Reading - Wednesday 24.2.21


Read through the instructions - they will guide you through the activities you are going to do when you have read today’s pages (Chapter 3 -p.10-13)


We have also made a video to help with the activity:

Follow the link below:

RML Readers:

Follow the link below:


This week we are learning how to write about characters in stories.


Yesterday we practised using adjectives to describe a character’s appearance (how they look).


Today, we are going to apply this learning to describe Mulan’s appearance (what they look like) and learn how to describe a character’s actions (what they do).


We have made a video lesson to guide you through the activity: Click on the link below to take you to it:


Now it is time for you to complete your activity! Click on the document in the Writing Resources section below:


Writing - Wednesday 24.2.21- find the right activity for your group and just do this one.


Today in Maths we again continue developing our understanding of money, each group has a PowerPoint which I have talked through (pause as you need to) then a set of matching questions.

Zoom Call

We are excited to be hosting another class Zoom call.

The Zoom meeting is scheduled for 11am so that we can hopefully get as many people on as possible which means you may end up doing some of your usual morning work a little later.

This week we will try a fun quiz so make sure you have a pencil/pen and paper ready.

You will need to email the class page IN ADVANCE in order to get the log-in detail (I will not post them on here as we need to keep it secure for your child's safety). When you join the call you will be on mute but I will unmute you as soon as I can see that you are ready to take part. You will need a quiet background or a pair of headphones so that we can all hear each other without interruption.


One of the many downsides to lockdown is the effect that it can have on our mood, happiness and well-being, in this lesson we will look at a few ways that we can try to stay cheerful and positive.

Watch this short clip with a very special person introducing it.


Now take some time to think positively about yourself with the following activities:


Story Time

Matilda by Roald Dahl - Part 3