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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Wednesday 20th January

Understanding the world.

In the story the characters were trying to pull up the turnip.

Can you talk about forces e.g. push, pull.

Can you use your toys to explore these forces?

Can you push a car or a dolls buggy?

Do you have toys that you have to pull along?

Can you use the correct word to describe the force that you are using?


Use the story The Enormous Turnip to explore prepositions. E.g. The turnip is under the ground. The cat stands behind the dog.

Can you use a toy and place it in different positions?

Can you use the correct vocabulary to say where the toy is?

Communication and language.

Play a listening game together. Place a number of items on a tray or a table naming each item as you place it down. (Aprox 5 items) Cover the tray and remove one of the items without your child seeing which item you have removed.

Can your child tell you which item you have removed?

Understanding the world.

At the end of the story the characters made lovey turnip soup, Shall we now make some vegetable soup?

you could use your own recipe or follow the recipe in the link below.


Delicious, Enjoy!