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Good morning Troughton Class! laugh

I hope you enjoyed all of your learning yesterday. I look forward to your emails each day, so don't forget to send me pictures or your super work!
Keep being brilliant!


Miss Sharpe's group - Just like yesterday I would like to join in with the live phonics lesson streaming on youtube at 9:30am (remember if you miss it - don't worry! It will be on the youtube channel for 24hrs) 
You are learning set 3 sounds so make sure this is the one that you watch. You should also watch the spelling video to match the sound which you are learning today.
It's really important to keep practising your sounds. 

Here's the link:


You must be becoming really familiar with the 'Planting Seeds' text now. Has it made you want to plant seeds and watch them grow? 

For your reading learning today you will be using the text to fill in the gap. Again, you have to use your Ninja eyes to locate the sentence with the gap in the text, so you can accurately select the correct answer.

Today you have Dinosaur Stomp to dance along to! smiley

Maths: Red, Orange, Yellow and Green groups

Today we have another lesson learning how to share equally!
If groups are equal it means each group has the same amount in.


For your starter you could practise sharing amounts out if you can find some objects at home such as: coins, pasta pieces or small toys.

Can you share 10 equally between 2? How many were in each group? Did any group have a different amount?
Can you share 10 equally between 3? How many were in each group? Did any group have a different amount?

You could try and share some different amounts between some different numbers. If you do this write down what you found out and send me a picture! I’m interested to see what you are able to find out!


To learn more about making equal groups watch the video on the link below (the flower question for you to have a go at is like what I have asked you to do above):


Sharing is the same as dividing. If we share 10 between 2 we are dividing 10 by 2. We could write this like this: 10 ÷ 2

If you see a question that uses this symbol ÷ then you need to know it is asking you to divide. It is asking you to share the amount.

12 ÷ 3 would mean you have 12 to begin with and you share them between 3 groups. The amount in each group would be the answer to 12 ÷ 3 See this example:

So 12 ÷ 3 would be 4 as there are 4 in each group.


When you complete your learning, remember you can draw things out to help you do your working out. You can also use items from home to help you share an amount out, like we would do at school using counters.

Maths: Blue group

Today you are going to subtract, crossing tens!

You will still be counting backwards to help you subtract but you can also see an amount in pictures and cross off the amount being subtracted.

Watch the video from yesterday to remind you how to count backwards from 20.

You know that counting backwards means we have to jump back to find an answer.

Watch the video on the link below to help you learn more about subtracting when crossing tens.

Sometimes we might jump back to the nearest 10 using part of the amount we are subtracting and then subtract the rest like you saw in the video.

Have a go at your learning now, be careful to read what method it asks you to use.


How did you get on yesterday performing your poem to a grown up?

Today we have another poem about food.


What is your favourite food?

Is there any food you really hate? Tell a grown up.


Yesterday we heard a nursery rhyme told by Michael Rosen. Today Michael Rosen is going to read one of his own poems.

The poem is called I don’t like custard. Watch the video and listen carefully.

Like yesterday, I would like you to practise reading this poem and then perform it to a grown up. Perhaps you could send me a video of this.

There are a few questions to answer like yesterday as well.

Design & Technology

For your Design and Technology learning today you are going to practise a skill! I would like you to create a moving picture today.

Equipment you will need: Scissors, glue and something to use as a slider (lollipop sick/piece of card) If you cannot print out, you can draw the scene and a character on a separate piece of paper to construct your slider.

First of all, take a look at the power point below of the story of the gingerbread man! Our moving picture is going to be about this traditional tale.

I hope your memory of the story is refreshed!

For our moving picture, you will create a slider that will be used to show a character from the story chasing the gingerbread man!

You need to cut carefully to allow your slider to move smoothly through the gap. You must also fix the character carefully onto the slider so that it doesn’t fall off.

Take a look at the power point and activity sheet below for instructions on how to make your moving picture!

I am looking forward to seeing which character you chose to chase the ginger bread man! Have fun!

Once you have completed your slider think about these two questions:

  1. How smoothly does your character move?
  2. How well made is your slider?