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Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Keep up the brilliant work Ahlberg!

It’s Wednesday so time for some yoga. Today’s story is Marv the Metal Detetcive. Click here to begin. 


For today’s learning we have…



One lesson will show at 9.30am each day and be available for 24 hours. 

If you are in Mrs Daniel’s RML group you will need to watch set 1. If you are in Ms Ellson’s or Mrs Riley’s RML group you will need to watch the Set 2 Speed sounds, word time and spelling videos. You should watch these every day.


I have attached the link below.



Today you are going to pretend to be the princess in the story of the princess and the pea and tell the story from her point of view.

You might need to watch the story again to remind yourself of the events.

Look at the pictures that tell your story. This will help you.

You will need to write about:

  • Picture 1

Beginning – where were you? Why were you in the storm? How did you feel?

  • Then what happened - Where did you go? Who answered the door? How did the people help you when you first went in the palace?
  • Picture 2

Next – Where did you stay? What did you think to your bed? What was it like getting into your bed?

  • Picture 3

After that – How did you feel? Who came to see you? What did you tell the queen?

  • Picture 4

Finally – What did the queen say to you? What did the prince ask you? How did you feel?


Because you are pretending to be the princess, you will need to use I, me and my in your sentences.

Remember to:

  1. Put a capital letter to start every sentence and a full stop at the end of your sentence.
  2. Reread your sentences back to check they make sense.
  3. Use conjunctions to write some longer sentences – and, but, because, so, when, or
  4. Add detail about each event to make your story interesting to the reader.
  5. Use adjectives to tell the reader more information


You could start with something like this.


One evening I was out for a long walk when it began to rain. It poured down! I stood underneath a tall tree to try and stay dry but my clothes were soaking wet and I could not stop shivering. I decided to run and find somewhere to shelter. After a while I saw a huge building with bright lights shining in the window so I went knocked on the door.


There is some lined paper to print below if you don’t have any lined paper at home.


Blue group

I would like you to write a sentence to tell me what the princess is saying in each picture. You will be writing it in a speech bubble. This shows me what she is saying.

I have done the first one for you.


Don’t forget to say your sentence first and then write the words using your RWI sounds. Leave finger spaces between each word.

See if you can remember to start your sentence with a capital letter and put a full stop at the end of the sentence.


GYOR group:

As a warm up we will practise counting to 100. Click here to begin.  

Now we can start our learning. Today we are going to be adding 2 amounts by counting on using a number line. For each maths question:

  1. Find the first number on the number line.
  2. Jump on carefully.
  3. What number do you land on? This is the total.

For your challenge, you could count on in your head, using your fingers, using objects or using your 100 square.

There is a video here if you need more support.


Blue group:

Today we are going to be adding amounts to 5. Like yesterday but today with bears in bed. Start by clicking here and watching this clip.  

Now click on the worksheet to add amounts to 5. You could use your own teddies at home to do this physically.


The World Around Me: Our Goals - To be able to set goals for ourselves and be able to come up with ideas on how to achieve them.

For our PSHE learning today we are going to be thinking about our goals. Goals are things we want to achieve they can be big or small. You might have a small goal where you try to complete a level on a game you are playing. Or you might have a big goal that you need to work towards such as, achieving a new belt in karate, a music grade or learning to swim!

Ask someone who is with you about a goal they had and achieved. How did they reach their goal?

Watch this video where a young person tells you the best way to set a goal and be able to achieve it.

What is something you really want to do?

What do you need to do to reach your goal? What are the little steps you must take to get there? What reason have you set this goal? What obstacles may stand in your way as you try to reach your goal?

Write your goal or draw a picture of it inside the stars on the worksheet attached.