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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed



Today's sound is the 'ee' sound. Make sure you have some paper to write on a pencil to write with! I hope your fred fingers are ready too! Join in with the video and try your best to spell the words correctly after you pinch the sounds on your fingers.


For your maths learning today, you are going to subtract using part, part whole models. Count the parts and the whole amounts and fill in the numbers to complete the part, part whole models.

When you get to the ones with just numbers and no pictures you could use some things at home to help you solve the problems. You could use pieces of pasta or small toys. You could also draw out the amounts on some paper.


Today you are going to write some more colourful sentences about the story you have been learning about this week.
Watch the video below to remind you again of the story.

When you write your sentences make sure you use a capital letter to start, include the little words and put a full stop on the end!


For your Art learning today, I'd like you to try and draw a realistic owl.
Make sure you sketch lightly so you rub out and correct any mistakes.