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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed



For your phonics learning today you are going to practise the 'air' sound. Make sure you say the sounds out loud and join in with reading the words. You will need some paper to write your spellings down. 
Get your fred fingers ready!

Maths 1

For your maths learning today you are going to continue comparing two numbers.

You should count how many are in the largest and smallest numbers. 
You can subtract (take away) the smaller number from the larger one or you can count forwards from the smallest amount until you reach the largest amount.

You could use some things at home to do this practically such as coins, pasta pieces, or small toys.


For your writing learning today I would like you to think back to what happened to Plop.
What was the problem?
What did his mum tell him to do?
Was the problem sorted?


In the next lesson you will be writing the sentences about the story so far and you will need to paint a picture in the reader's head of what Plop saw when he watched the fireworks.

Watch the clip of fireworks below and then write some sentences using the colour words about what Plop can see.


Example: Plop can see a red firework.


If you can't print your worksheet, you could draw your firework and write your sentence below it.


Afternoon learning

This afternoon you would normally be practising your reading skills.
Have a look at the 60 second reads, fred talk the words and answer the questions carefully.

You could also choose a book to read at home and tell your grownup what you like about the story you have chosen.