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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning.

Are you ready for another day of learning? Let’s go!

I enjoy seeing all your learning and telling me all your news so don’t forget you can send me your learning on the class email or write just to say hello!



Today I would like you to find a book at home to read to a grown up. It could be a fiction book, a non-fiction book or a poetry book. You could even send a video of you reading part of the book to me!



Year 1: This morning we have a maths warm up to get our brains working, try to complete this independently.

Today we are going to be putting our knowledge and understanding of tens and ones to the test by adding. Add your ones first, then add your tens. Draw the answer in the box at the end. What number have you made?

Here is a game for you to play to put your learning to the test:

Blue group:

Today we are counting to 20. First watch this clip to recap the numbers. 

Let's Count to 20 Song For Kids

Now try and fill in the missing numbers on the number line. 

Year 2: Today we are moving on to addition and subtraction. This is your strongest area which is why we are doing both in one day! You know I like to make you work hard!

Look at the examples below to remind you how you can draw calculations out if you are struggling.

Now solve the addition and subtraction questions for your group. Check the symbols carefully so you know whether you are adding or subtracting!



This week we are going to look at a new story called Baboon on the Moon.

Baboon on the Moon is a short film but there are no words so you have to watch the action and listen to the music carefully. Click on the link to watch the film.  

Did you enjoy the story? How did it make you feel?

Now you have watched the film I would like you to complete the chart to write statements about what you have found out about Baboon then I would like you to write down questions to record what we don’t know about Baboon. You may need to watch the film again before you complete the chart.


Last Art lesson we learnt about Warhol and how he uses colour to make bright art, before that we learnt about Mondrian and how he uses primary colours to make his art. Do you remember what the 3 primary colours are? Today you are going to experiment with colour. Do you know what 2 colours make green? Or what colour is made if you mix red and blue? Watch the song about mixing colours and then have a go at it yourselves with the colour wheel I’ve attached. First paint on the 3 primary colours like in the video. Then use a paper plate to mix two primary colours together and the colour that you make goes in the middle of them.

Mix the Colors Song