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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed



Week 2 lesson 3

Adding Decimals with a different number of places



Problem Solving



You have now planned your story. You have the character (scary animal) your setting and a problem. I would like you to write your story in full now, remember the story sequence


Character & Setting

Build Up - where you make me ask what is going to happen

Problem - what goes wrong

Resolution - how you solve the problem

Ending - what the people in the story have learnt from it 


Also your grammar work last week was on adding relative clauses and adjectives. Try to include these in your work as you have practised..


Blue group - you need to include adjectives




Last week I asked you to draw your house. If you did this just using pencil and you still have it then you can use this for your art today. If you have already coloured your house that does not matter as you can either draw a new one for today or just practise the patterns.


Look at the video below to see how an artist called Friedensreich Hundertwasser uses really bright colours in his work. The artist was born in Austria but moved to New Zealand where he created his work.


In the video the teacher is using pastels, I am sure you do not have these at home - that's fine you can use pencils, crayons, felt tips or any thing else that you have.