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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning. Hope you are all well. Thank you to all those who have been sending me photographs of your learning. I do look forward to seeing what you are up to at home. Remember if you need your password for Times Table Rock Stars email me and I can send you that.



It is really important that you continue to practise your reading at home! I have put lots of information about different ways you can keep reading at home if you have read every book you have at home. You can always read it again... you know that 3 times is best! Remember to ask your grownup to ask you questions about your book.

* Who is the main character?
* What happens in this story?
* Were there any funny parts? What parts were funny?
* What was your favourite part and why?
* Was there a part you didn't like and why?


Year 1 -    For our maths warm up let’s try finding missing numbers:

Read the maths question, remember your number bonds and see if you can press the number that is missing.

Your learning for today is going to be all about ¼ of a shape. Can you find a ¼ of a shape? It is very similar to Monday’s lesson. Go through the power point with your grown up and then try the worksheet. I am looking forward to seeing photos of your learning.

Remember to practise your times tables with Times Tables Rock Stars.

Blue group:

Let’s start off by counting amounts to 10:

Your learning today is counting and adding amounts. Look at the worksheet I’ve attached for you. I want you to count how many toys are on the shelf, then add some more. Can you say how many toys there are altogether? Remember to write your numbers carefully. 

Year 2:  Can you count in multiples of 10?

Complete the Super movers on the 10 times table. You need to have all of your energy saved up for today’s times table as Webster the spider will really get you moving!!

When you have done that, fill in the table to show the repeated addition or the multiplication calculation.

Challenge: Can you draw the arrays that go with each calculation.


Today I would like you to retell in your own words the story of Mrs Armitage on wheels. Your story needs to have a beginning, middle and end.

Beginning – You need to introduce the main character. Who is she? What does she look like? What kind of character is she?

Middle – What happens on her bike ride? What does she invent to make her bike better?

End – What happens to her bike? Why? How does she feel? What does she do next?

When you write your story remember to:

Use capital letters and full stops correctly

Use conjunctions to write longer sentences – and, but, because, while, so that

Use adjectives to add more detail to sentences

Add thoughts and feelings of the different characters in your story

An added challenge – Can you write using your lead-ins?

I can’t wait to read your version of Mrs Armitage on Wheels.

Design & Technology

Today we are going to find out about the word stable. Look at the power point to find out more. You need to use this information now to build a stable structure.

You could use things like:

Sticks outside with string

Playdough and lolly pop sticks

Blutak and straws

Or you might have your own ideas about what you could use.


Think about what makes something stable. Your structure needs to be able to hold a mobile phone. The phone has to be off the ground. Be as creative as you want. After, write a few sentences to say what makes your structure stable. Of course, your idea might not work and that is ok. You could have a think about the reasons why it didn’t work. Don’t forget to send photos of your structures to me. I’d also like to see the structures that didn’t work as well.