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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning Troughton class! laugh

I hope you enjoyed all of your learning yesterday and managed to record the Weather! Don't forget to update your weather log/diary today! 


Please continue reading at home. I have enjoyed hearing about some of your favourite stories and hearing from your parents about how much expression you are putting into your reading. Keep it up! laugh

Maths: Green, Yellow, Orange & Red groups

Today you are going to put your addition skills that you practised yesterday to the test! You are going to solve some addition word problems. Read the questions carefully to find the numbers that you need to add together.

Red & Orange for your first set you should be able to place the larger number in your head and count on. When you get to the challenge questions it would be a good idea to draw your tens and ones! smiley
For example 23 + 14 could be drawn like this || ... + | .... = 37

Green & Yellow you should draw out your tens and ones like the above example in red. Greens if I have showed you how to use column addition you could also use this method, but be careful to include the tens that you carry! smiley

Maths: Blue group

Today you are going to practise using arrays. Remember rows are the ones going across and columns are the ones going down.  

This shows 3 rows of 4 in each row or 4 columns of 3 in each column.

Have a go at the questions below. smiley

Literacy: All groups

Today we are going to look a bit more closely at your wheeled toy.


Now that you have named and labelled the different parts, I want you to complete the planning grid below ready for tomorrow’s learning.


Firstly, you need to write a prepositional word to describe where each part is on your wheeled toy. Prepositions are linking words in a sentence. We use prepositions to explain where things are in time or space. Prepositions tell us where something is (for example, beside, under, on, against, beneath or over) or when something is happening (for example: until, during, after, before or more specifically 'on Christmas Day', 'at twelve o'clock' or 'in August').


Some example prepositions you could use: at the front, behind, under, over, at the side, above, below, beneath, left, right, between, next to, around


You also need to think of an adjective to describe the part e.g. colour, size, shape, what it feels like.

Look at the examples at the top of your sheet to help you.


This week in Art we are going to be learning about Michelle Reader. Michelle is an artist that lives in London and creates art using objects from around her house.

Today you are going to become an artist like her.

I’ve attached a power point that tells you more about Michelle and gives you some ideas on what art you could create today using things from around your house.

After you’ve made your piece of art, think back to the science we did on Monday and talk with your grown-up or sister or brother about the materials you have used.

Don't worry if you don't have any glue or paint as mentioned in the power point, just use whatever you can and have fun with it!