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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Wednesday 1st April


I have found this website which has thousands of books and they are all free to read on line. Some will be too old for you and some too young but many of them will be just right. There are comics, stories, information books, quiz books and books which can help with your learning. Follow the link and enjoy.



Wednesday is spelling day - follow the link below and complete as many spelling games as you can. This will help you with not only your year 5 spellings but give you a head start for year 6 spellings .


You will need to log yourself into the site but don't worry it's free and safe and you can choose any of the activities you like.


Once you are logged in click on Year 5, then spellings.


Blue group start with Year 3


If you find year 5 spellings really tricky it is absolutely OK for all of you to go back and practise the spellings for all year groups, in fact I would suggest you do and if you get them all right then that will help you to feel super confident about your spellings.



Today you are going to write the second part of your Night Zoo Keeper story.

Follow the link below and then play the second film clip 'Story Settings' - use the hints the film gives you to help you write the story setting. You can draw it too if you want to.




As we have lots of reading and writing today I would like you to spend your maths time on the interactive websites of Prodigy and TTRock starts.

(email me on if you need your passwords) 



Today you are going to learn how to use a four figure grid reference - watch the utube clip below to help you.


then complete the worksheet