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Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Hello Troughton Class, it's Wednesday already! The days seem to be flying by. I hope you have been getting on with your learning okay. Remember you can email me any work you want me to look at or just to say hello! smiley


For Green, Yellow, Orange and Red group: Partitioning 2 digit numbers.

We are really good at partitioning 2 digit numbers so it is time to show your grownups how well you can do it! laugh Look carefully to see which digit is in the ones column and which is in the tens. 37 has 3 tens in the tens column and 7 ones in the ones column, making 30 and 7. 

If you want to do more than I have given you, feel free to write some of your own 2 digit numbers! wink

Blue Group Maths: A little different today. I want you to look for shapes!

We have been learning about different shapes and your job is to look around your house and find things that are different shapes! Check the worksheet to see the 3 shapes I want you to look out for! laugh
You could take some pictures of these thing or you could draw them!

Your Literacy/Writing learning for today for all groups is to create a poster or fact file about the Kalahari Desert. You have heard in the story we have been looking at this week, that Sunny lives in the Kalahari Desert. So you are going to tell everyone all about the place where he lives.

You need to find out:
* Where it is located (what countries/continent)

*How hot it can get
*What animals live there

*Any other interesting facts you discover!

Here are some websites to help you find information:  

There are lots of other websites you can find information. 
I look forward to seeing some of your super work! smiley

SPaG learning for Green, Yellow, Orange & Red group is a bit of a challenge! I know you all like challenges and I saw this and thought it would get you thinking. laugh 

You need to try and come up with an adjective (describing word) beginning with EVERY letter of the alphabet! See how many you can come up with! Let me know how you get on. wink

SPaG Learning for Blue group: Adjectives

You are going to think of an adjective (describing word) to go in the gap. Try to use super words that would make Miss Fawkes go WOW! laugh

Example: The tall boy.


Please keep up with your reading. 

If you scroll to the bottom of the page with the days on there is a section called 'Reading at Home' the document will tell your grownups how to make an account that will give you lots of free ebooks which you can read online! You can still, and should, read any books you have at home. Practicing your reading is really important! laugh

Your grownups could ask you some questions about what you read... 

Who are the main characters?
What did ______do?
(If you pause along the way) What do you think will happen next?
How do you think ______ felt when __________ happened?
What happened in this story?