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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Wednesday 13th January

Hi Carle class,


It's Wild Wednesday today! Have you started the day off with your P.E. session? Remember, Joe Wicks is back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9.00am. Join in and start the day off with some fun:




A new Set 1 RWI session will be available at 9:30am today. Don't forget to practise the sound and then complete the reading and spelling sections as well. 


To access the RWI sessions, please go to the following web link: 




Today we are going to carry on writing our Jack and the beanstalk story. We are going to write the middle part of the story from the beanstalk to the part where Jack runs away. 


Here is our example...


The giant had a hen. The giant had a harp. The giant had gold coins. 


When writing your sentences take each one at a time. Break the sentence up by clapping or tapping each word so your child really knows which word they are writing. Write each word at a time encouraging your child to listen for the sounds they can hear. As we are looking at sentences you can talk to your child about how each sentence ends with a full stop. Don't worry about capital letters for now. Remember sentences should be simple and they should only be writing around 2 or 3 sentences. If your child comes up with a really tricky sentence support them to make it more manageable to write. 




Today is the last day that we will spend on making bigger numbers out of smaller numbers for a little while. I hope you can still remember our important fact this week! What is it?


Every bigger number is made of smaller numbers

For today’s activity, you are going to need five objects and a tea towel. Ask your grownup to spread out two objects on the ground. I want you to shut your eyes, your grownup is going to cover up some of the objects. On the count of three, open your eyes. How many items has your grownup covered? How many are left? Once you’ve answered, I would like you to check (using your fingers). Then, take the towel off. Were you right? Repeat this with numbers up to five, if you are able to. If you are finding the numbers up to 5 too challenging, try spending more time working on the numbers 2 and 3.


To finish of your learning about number composition (small numbers joining together to make big numbers) I would like you to try and work out which numbers should be in the blank spaces below:


1 and ? makes 2


2 and ? makes 3


3 and ? makes 4


2 and ? makes 5


Extra challenge: 4 and 5 can be made in more than one way – can you tell me any other numbers that you could use to make them?


Well done Reception, you’ve finished your learning about number composition for this week! I think you should give yourselves a firework clap 🎆




So far this week we have made some sounds with our bodies and used some items from around the house. We also went on a sound hunt. Did you use your objects to make a song?


Today we want you to make your own musical instrument. The giant has a harp. Can you name any other musical instruments? Do you know what a flute, clarinet, piano, guitar, drum, or violin looks like? What sound they make? You could pick one of these and see what you can find out about it. Draw a picture and write anything you have learnt next to it. 


Attached is a guide to making your own instrument. Don't forget to send any pictures to