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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Wednesday 10th February

Zoom Meeting: On Thursday we will be doing a zoom call at 12:30 so that the children can have a chance to speak to each other and also to speak to us. If you would like your child to join and have not yet contacted me by email, then please email to register your interest. 

It's wonderful Wednesday. As Winnie The Pooh would say "We wish you a happy Winds Day!"


Let's take a look at all of your wonderful pictures from yesterday.
Let's begin this wonderful " winds day " with our wake up and shake up.



This week we have been introduced to the picture card "pirate".

We have put items beginning with the sound "p" into sound soup.

Today  our task is to listen to a song all about the sound "p"


Before we start our task for today let's listen to our story once more.

Today we are going to learn all about pigs.

We are going to watch this fantastic video to learn all about them and find out some interesting pig facts.

Your task today is to answer the following questions.

Can you tell your answers to your grown up?

1.How much do pigs weigh at birth?

2. What do pigs like to do?

3. Where do pigs like to live?

4.What do you call a baby pig?

5 What do pigs like to eat?

6. A pigs nose is called a snout what do pigs use their snout for?

Wow fantastic, you now know lots of wonderful things about pigs.





Do you remember how many little pigs there are in our story?

Yes that's right there were three.

Today's task is to practise writing the number 3.

Here is a rhyme to help you.

Swing it round and then once more.

Say the rhyme as you write the number. 

You could practise writing the number in the soil outside, use a stick to draw it. You could use pebbles to make the number or practise writing it with paint. We can't wait to see how you choose to write the number 3!