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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

WC: Monday 2nd November 2020

Be sure to look out for your group for subjects when you complete the work that is set.


Here is the book that all writing and reading will be based on!



Reciprocal Reading

Read through the RR PowerPoint and answer the SATs Style Questions for your ability group. The text is attached as a document.



ROY - Today you will be completing column subtraction. Watch this video ( and then have a go at the given questions - the answers are on the following slide.



ROY - Today you will be learning about singular and plural nouns. Read the rules given on the grammar sheet and then have a go at the activities just like we would in class.



ROY - Today I would like you to carry out some research about the force Friction. Then, create a poster all about friction and how it acts upon objects, give examples where you can. 

Here is a good place to start:



Reciprocal Reading

Today, you will begin to look at our new book that we will be using in reading and writing up till Christmas. The book is called, 'The Emperor's New Clothes'.


You need to look at the image of the front and back cover and follow the PowerPoint, completing the 'written task'.



Read page 2, 3 and 4 of our new book with a grown up. This week we are going to plan part of the story. Our story is going to be about the Emperor's life before he was the Emperor, and how he came to love clothes so much. 


Attached is an 'S Plan' that you need to complete for your own story for how the Emperor came to love clothes. Think about other characters, setting, and key words that could be added to the plan. 



Today you will be learning to subtract a 3-digit number from a 3-digit number. Use the video that you used yesterday and have a go at completing the questions. The answers are on the following slide. 



Today you will be designing your own bridge that you will make in school. You must label materials and measurements for the parts of your bridge. If you have a printer, feel free to sketch your design onto the sheet.



Reciprocal Reading

Today you will begin to read the first few pages of our new book. Attached is the PowerPoint where you will need to complete the question slide as your written task. You must read pages 2 - 5.



In today's writing, I would like you to have a go at punctuation some speech between your characters in your story. 


Attached are some examples of the speech that may occur between the characters we decided would be in our class story from yesterday's plan. The PowerPoint explains your task according to your group.



Today you will continue with column subtraction using 3-digit numbers. Refer back to yesterday's video link if needed. The answers to the questions are attached in the PowerPoint.


Catch Up

Today, as part of your catch up I would like you to log into TimesTable Rockstars and hit 'play'. I have set you some times tables I would like you to practise. I will be able to check how you scored.



Reciprocal Reading

Today you will need to read pages 6-11. After that, work through the PowerPoint and answer the questions for your group.



Today you will be uplevelling sentences as this makes them more interesting for the reader of our story. You will need to follow the activity for your group as this includes the features you have learnt about. Your task is to read each sentence and rewrite it including the features I have asked you to include.



Today you will be revising using column method to add and subtract. Attached are the questions for your group along with the answers. If you get any incorrect, have a go at them again and see if you can correct the error you made the first time.



Why do Hindu's use light at Diwali?


Today, I would like you to carry out some research on an electronic device about why Hindu's use light at Diwali. When you have found out, write an explanation explaining why.



Reciprocal Reading

Today you will be reading a poem called 'The Magic Box'. Work through the PowerPoint and complete the written task.



Today you will write the story of the Emperor's childhood and how he came to love clothes so much. Be sure to include the uplevelled sentences and punctuated speech in your story.



Today in maths I would you to answer 3-digit addition and subtraction. Roll a dice 3 times to come up with a 3-digit number. Then do the same again and add the numbers together. Then do the same for subtraction but remember, the biggest number must come first in a subtraction. If you don't have a dice, you can roll an online dice on your electronic device.



Today you will be learning about bullying and the difference between someone being rude, mean or bullying. When you are finished working through the PowerPoint, make a poster to show what you can do to stop bullying.


Remember, your homework has been set today on Education City and will be live for 1 week only.