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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

WC: Monday 14th December 2020




Today you will be reading a Kenning poem. Work through the Reading PowerPoint and complete the summary as your written task.



Today you will be completing some Christmas maths code breakers. Complete the 1 star code breakers on the attached documents. You will need to use your knowledge of Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication.



Today, you will be putting words into alphabetical order. When you put words into alphabetical order, you have to look at their first letter. When two words start with the same first letter, you must order them based on their second letter. Your task is to have a go at ordering the words in alphabetical order.



Today you will be learning about light. You will learn how quickly it travels, shadows and how it is used to help us see. Read through the attached document and then draw a diagram with a sun, an object of your choice and an eye and draw arrows to show how the light allows us to see. 




Today, you will be reading an acrostic poem. Work through the PowerPoint and see if you can answer the questions on the Question slide. 



Today in Maths, you will be completing a mathematical investigation. Remember, investigations are all about being resilient, even if you don't find a solution. Attached is a PowerPoint that might help you find the solution - it also has the answer. 



Today you will be learning about the features of an acrostic poem and planning your own acrostic poem. Read through the attached PowerPoint and then fill in your own plan ready to write with tomorrow. 



Today in class, we will begin to join our bridges. As you are at home, I would like you to think of some ways we could strengthen out joins of wooden dowel using materials you can find in school. 




Today you will be reading the infamous poem, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'. Work through the PowerPoint and then answer the SATs Style Questions.



Today, I would like you to use your plan to write your acrostic poem. Then, decorate the page with pictures that are christmassy and fit into your chosen sentences.



Today, you will be completing some times table colouring using the tables that you know. See what christmassy images you create when you are finished. 



Today I would like you to design and create your own Christmas card for a loved one and a calendar that can be used in 2021. It is completely up to you how you choose to make your pieces. Use whatever you have around the house. I can give you a calendar chart to stick onto your calendar in the new year.



Today, I would like you to have a christmas film/party day with the people you are at home with. The most important thing to do is HAVE FUN. 


I hope you and your family have a lovely Christmas break and I look forward to seeing you in the new year.