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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Tuesday 9th February

It's Terrific Tuesday!


Hi Reception, we hope that you're ready for today's learning! To start off your day, can you have a look outside of your window and see what the weather is like. Do you like today’s weather? What is your favourite weather?


As usual, let's start off by having a look at your super work from yesterday:

Please don't forget to send us your work, we are always so happy to see it:




At 10am tomorrow we will be setting up a zoom call so that the children can see their friends and have a catch up.


If we don't already have your email address please drop us an email ( so that we are able to send you the meeting ID and password. Without these we will not be able to invite you!


We hope to see lots of you then 😃


Get Moving!


To warm ourselves up ready for the day, let's do the Pirate dance!

As always, have a look at our PE page for more activity ideas.




Don't forget today's RML session! It will be available at 9:30am at the following link:


What sound did you practice yesterday? Can you say the rhyme, and write it in the air with your magic pencil?




This Friday, it is a very special day, it is Chinese New Year! Watch this video about Chinese New Year.

Today we want you to act out the story just like the man did in this clip. We’ve attached some pictures of the animals but you can use teddies that you have at home to do this instead.


Next we want you to write a sentence for each picture on this worksheet. Remember if you can’t print the worksheet off you can write your sentences on a piece of paper.


You could write something like:


The rat is on his back.


Or you could extend your sentence;


The sly rat climbed on the back of the Ox.



  • Say you sentence, clap your sentence, write your sentence.
  • Use a capital letter to begin.
  • Write your letters on the line.
  • Use a full stop at the end.



For today’s learning we are going to be comparing length. Length is how long something is. Have a look at today’s video to find out more by clicking here


We’ve got some more super maths words for you to use during today’s activity:


Short                   Shorter


Long                     Longer


Shortest                       Tallest


More                             Fewer


For today’s activity you are going to need some longer “snakes” (e.g. pieces of string/ribbon/play dough/shoe laces) of different lengths (at least three). You are also going to need some small objects that are all the same length (e.g. pasta pieces, paperclips). Lay your “snakes” out on a table. Then, use your small pieces to measure how long they are. Have a look at the picture below for an example:

How many of the small pieces did you need to measure each “snake”? Remember to count them carefully!


Once you’ve measured them, can you use the super maths words to compare your snakes?


To simplify this activity focus on using two towers rather than three at first, making a clear distinction between the tallest and the shortest.

Once you’ve tried this practically, why don’t you have a go at drawing some snakes of different lengths? How can you compare them? Can you use our super maths words?


Extra challenge:

If you are able to, have a look at the shoes/shoe sizes of the people in your household. Can you compare the length of their feet/footprints? Remember to use our super maths words!




Today is our PE day! We are going to have another think about the Frog Prince for today’s PE lesson. We’re going to start off by moving like a frog. Can you remember how frogs move around? They jump! You’ll need to make sure you’re in a space for this activity, as you’ll be doing lots of jumping around!

For our second activity today, we are going to pretend that we are going to the wedding of the Prince and Princess. We are going to listen to some music that you might hear at a ball. We would love you to come up with some different ways that you could move to the music. If you’re a little bit stuck for ideas, we’ve put some examples of ways that you could move below:

Ballroom Dance Music.mp3

Please send us some examples of your dancing, we would love to see them!