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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Tuesday 9th February

Welcome to this wonderful Tuesday! We enjoyed looking at the wonderful pictures that you sent us yesterday we are so proud of all the work that you have been doing.



Lets start our morning with a wake up and shake up!


In today's phonic lesson we are going to use our picture from yesterday.

Can you remember what the picture was? Tell your grown up.

Yes that's right it was a pirate.

Today's task is to make some sound soup.

I wonder what sound will go in the soup today.

What do you think?

Yes that's right its "P" pirate.


Lets revisit our story for this week.

Today's task is to draw a story map to retell the story of The Three Little Pigs.

You will need a pencil and paper to draw your story map.

Lets watch Miss Doherty as she shows us how to draw the story map.

Tell your grown up what happens at the beginning and the end of the story.

Expressive Art and Design

After you have finished watching this clip, We want you answer these questions with your grown up.

1.  Can you name the instruments that the three little pigs were playing in the video?

2.  Do you have any musical instruments of your own?


Now we have a task for you.

Your music task today is to play along with the songs, if  you have an instrument at home you could use this, if not you could you use some pots or pans and a wooden spoon to join in with the song.

You could pretend these are a drum.

We would love to see some photographs of you playing along to the music.


For our marvelous maths today we would love you to practise your counting skills.

Your task today is to practise counting up to 10 outloud.

Ask your grown up if they have any cake cases.

Don't worry if not you can use circles of paper with written numbers on them 1-6.

Place your cake cases or number circle into a cake tin.

Practise counting the correct number of items into each section.

You could use cereals like Cheerios or buttons, counters or any small item that you might have.

Have fun and happy counting.