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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


It's Terrific Tuesday!


Hi Reception, we hope that you're ready for today's learning! To start off your day, why don't you have a look outside of your window and see what the weather is like. Do you like today’s weather? What is your favourite weather?


Please don't forget to send us your work, we are always so happy to see it:


Get Moving!


To warm ourselves up ready for the day, let's do the Pirate dance!

As always, have a look at our PE page for more activity ideas.




Don't forget today's RML session! It will be available at 9:30am at the following link:


What sound did you practice yesterday? Can you say the rhyme, and write it in the air with your magic pencil?




This week we are going to be reading the story of the Little Red Hen. 

Today we want you to watch this clip below about making real bread. Can you sequence the pictures for making the bread? Maybe you could have a go at making your own bread at home.



Today we are going to be learning about 1 more and 1 less. Click the link below to begin our learning:


For your task today we want you to gather some of your toys on your bed, count them carefully. Now ask your grown up to add one or take one away. Can you spot which one has been added or taken away? How many have you got now?

Understanding of the World:


A hen is another name for a female chicken. Do you know what a baby chicken is called? A chick! How about a male chicken? A cockerel. Today we are going to learn about chickens and how they grow up. We want you to watch the clip below and then create your own life cycle of a chicken. If you don’t have a printer you can draw pictures at home instead.