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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Tuesday 7th July


Morning Carle class. It’s terrific Tuesday. We hope you are enjoying our summer learning.



From 1st June all lessons will be available daily at 9.30 am.


Se1 1, 2 and 3 speed sound lessons will restart.

Set 2 speed sound lessons will include new words for reading and spelling.



Today we have attached summer garden writing frames. Can you write about what you can see happening? Remember our Early Learning Goal for the end of Reception is that you write more than one sentence. So for each picture try writing 2 or 3 sentences. Discuss that each sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.


Don’t forget to make sure the letters you write are clear. Have you remembered your finger spaces between each word? Our aim is that everyone can read our fabulous writing so make sure it’s readable.



Today Sammy Seagull’s is coming to talk to you about Summer Safety. His story can be used to talk about staying safe in the sun and when at the beach.


Throughout the story, Sammy Seagull will prompt the children to think about what is unsafe and what the story characters should do. You may like to ask the children similar questions to initiate discussions about staying safe.


A catchy song is included in the story to reinforce key summer safety messages. There are prompts for actions which children could do whilst singing to make the messages more memorable. Just copy Sammy Seagull’s actions to help you!


After you have finished Sammy Seagull’s story complete the pack for the sun safely activity sheet. Colour and cut out all the things you need to keep you safe at the beach.


This week in maths we are going to learn about numbers to 20. Start off by counting forwards and backwards to 20, if you can go higher keep going. You can use a number line to help you with number recognition too.


Use the numbers 0-20 from yesterdays learning to order numerals to 20. Allow the children to do this independently. When they have finished, choose 4/5 numbers out of the 0-20 and ask them to order the random numbers for example 6,12,9,18.


Finish off our maths learning by playing our ordering number game.