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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Tuesday 23rd June


Yesterday you made a paper aeroplane, you will need it today for your maths.




On a large sheet of paper or outside, draw a target and add numbers to it.

Aim your paper aeroplane at the target and watch it fly!


  • Which number did it land on?
  • Can you land your plane on a higher or lower number?
  • Can you add two numbers together?


Understanding the World


Watch the video to find out about planes:



  • Where do aeroplane take us?
  • Where will you find aeroplanes?
  • Where will you find the jet engines?
  • Why does the aeroplane have wheels?




To go on an aeroplane you need a passport. Today you are going to make your own. You might have a photograph of yourself that you can use, or if not you can draw your own picture.