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Imagine, Believe, Succeed



Today you are going to read another poem called: Yo, Ho, Ho!

It is a pirate poem.
I hope you enjoy it!

Read the poem through and then skim and scan to find the parts of the text that the questions are asking you about. Make sure you check really carefully!


Today we are continuing with our multiplication learning using arrays.

Watch the videos on the links below to have a recap on how to use and understand arrays. (Ignore the parts about the questions on worksheets!)


Look at this array:

There are 10 pink circles altogether.

There are 5 columns with 2 in each column.
Writing this as a multiplication fact would be: 5 x 2 = 10


There are 2 rows with 5 in each row.
Writing this as a multiplication fact would be: 2 x 5 = 10


For your learning you need to write the 2 multiplication facts that go with each array.

First count the total.
Next count either the columns or rows and count how many are  in each of these. Write the multiplication number sentence.
Finally count the columns or rows and how many are in them (whichever one you haven't counted yet). Write the multiplication number sentence.


Repeat for the other arrays.


In our writing learning this week we are looking at a story called 'The way back Home' It is written by Oliver Jeffers.
First of all, watch these videos that are based on the story:


Talk about what happened in the story.

What did the boy find? Where did he go? Who did he meet? Why couldn’t they leave the moon? What did the boy do? How did the boy solve the problem? How do you think the alien and the boy felt at the end of the story?

We will be using adjectives (describing words) to describe different things about the alien today e.g. his eyes, his antennae, his personality.

Your worksheet has been split into different body parts to make sure we describe all of our character. Some adjectives are more powerful than others. Think about the difference between using the word big and enormous. The different adjectives you choose to use have a different impact on the reader and the picture you create in their minds.

Complete your learning giving a variety of adjectives to describe the alien's appearance (how they look) and personality (what they are like).


In Art this week we are learning about printing. 

Watch the video clip on the link below to help you learn what printing is. 

If you have paints at home you could try using some different objects to create prints. You could use a potato like in the video, lego blocks or pasta.

Create your own printed design.


If you do not have paints at home you could have a go at sketching an alien instead by following the video on the link below: