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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Tuesday 31st March



Today you are going to use the adding skills that you have been working on to add amounts of money. The first task is actually a little tricky as there are lots of missing number problems using the expanded method of addition. Find the missing numbers and then move on to the other activities. 


Adding money is the same as adding any other numbers. Just remember some key points. 

- Carry over when you add over 10. 

- Never move the decimal point. 

- Answers should not have a '£' sign and a 'p' sign. £3.50 or 350p, NEVER £3.50p. 




More subtraction using counting up. Here is a recap of instructions yesterday. 


Try to solve subtraction calculations by counting up. 

136 - 87 = 

Start at 87. Jump to the next ten, which is 90 (that jump was 3). 

Then jump to 100 (which is a jump of 10). 

Then jump to 136 (which is a jump of 36). 

Now add the jumps to solve the subtract. 

36 + 10 + 3 = 49 

136 - 87 = 49 


Use the number lines and bar methods to solve the subtraction calculations. 




Start by reading the Grey Wolf Report a few times to really understand it. Decide on a sub-heading for each paragraph in the report and write them above each one. Then match the circles on the Report Diagram to each of the paragraphs by numbering them. 


Read the Arctic Wolf Report and look at the Arctic Wolf Report Diagram. Write the facts from the report into the rectangular boxes as notes. 


Finally, I would like you to do some clarifying. Read the Vocabulary List. It includes lots of technical vocabulary. Choose at least 5 words that you are unsure about and find the meaning using a dictionary or web search. Write a short definition for each word. 




Listen to the reading of The Whales' Song. The link is on the document below. 

Answer the comprehension questions based on The Whales' Song. Listen back to the story if you need to and write answers in full sentences. 


In the story, Lily’s Grandma tells her to take the whales a special present or gift if she wants them to sing. Decide what your special present for the whales would be and on the My Perfect Gift sheet, draw and describe your perfect gift. 


Other Activities


Free Virtual Tours


You can use this link to go on virtual tours of many exciting places all around the world from the comfort and safety of your own home! 


I would like you to choose a virtual tour and create a fact file on something that you discover. Create a mind map or a poster based on a topic that you have found out about on one of these virtual tours. Send them in to me when you're done!


Physical Education


Joe's P.E. video from Monday.




Learning in Geography is a little tricky from home. I think I've found some activities you could do though. 


I would like you to use a blank map of Europe and label 10 countries on it. If you don't have a printer, you could draw or sketch a map of Europe and use that. I've attached some examples at the bottom.