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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Tuesday 2nd February

It's Terrific Tuesday!


Hi Reception, we hope that you're ready for today's learning! To start off your day today, why don't you have a look outside of your window and see what the weather is like. It's a little bit chilly here in school... Brrrrrr!


As usual, let's start off by having a look at your super work from yesterday:

Please don't forget to send us your work, we are always so happy to see it:


Get moving!


To warm ourselves up ready for the day, let's do the Jungle Boogie!

As always, have a look at our PE page for more activity ideas.




Don't forget today's RML session! It will be available at 9:30am at the following link:


What sound did you practice yesterday? Can you say the rhyme, and write it in the air with your magic pencil?



Click on the link to refresh your brain about the story of The Frog Prince:


Now today I would like you to create a story plan or an ‘S’ plan. Do you remember when you did one of these for Jack and the Beanstalk? It is going to help us to retell the story of The Frog Prince later this week. 


Here is a picture of my story plan:



Today we are going to carry on with our work on combining groups. We thought that we would start today off by having a look around the house of two very spooky people:


For your maths learning today, we are going to be making our very own potion books. We would like it to have at least three different potions, but you can do as many as you would like to.


To create your potion recipes, you first need to think of two different ingredients. Then, you need to decide how much of each ingredient you will need. (If you would like to adapt the activity slightly, tell your child how many of each ingredient). Now you need to draw your ingredients – remember to label them with the numeral!


Remember to only use groups of objects that combine to make 8 objects or below at this stage!


At the bottom of your page, we would then like you to write how many things you have used altogether. We have added a template below which you can copy if you wish:




Extra challenge:

Can you think of a maths spell for one of your potions?


Here is our example:

2 wiggly worms and 3 golden rings

This terrible potion is made of five things.


We would love for you to have a go at making some your potions! Please send us some pictures of your learning to show us how you’ve got on.



Today is our PE day! We are going to start off by having a practice of our ball skills, because we don’t want to end up losing our ball like the Princess in the story!


For today’s activity you will need a ball, or something else to throw/catch/roll (e.g. a pair of socks rolled together, or a scrunched-up piece of paper).


We are going to start off with some throwing and catching – can you throw your ball into the air and catch it five times in a row? Is it easier to do this when you throw the ball high into the air, or when you throw it just a little bit?


Now, we want you to have a think – how else can you move a ball? Hint – do you have to touch it with your hands? Does it have to leave the ground?


We would like you to play a game of pass the ball with your grownup. However, we want you to try moving the ball between you in as many ways as you can (for example throwing, kicking, rolling, bouncing etc.). How many times can you pass the ball between you before someone misses?


Now you’ve had a practice of your ball skills, we are going to slow down and finish off our learning with a very froggy yoga adventure. Let’s join in with Jamie and find out all about Frank the Frog: