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Tuesday 26th January

It's Terrific Tuesday!


Hi Reception! Are you ready for today's learning?


As always, let's start our day by having a look at some of yesterday's fantastic work:

Please drop us an email to - we love to see pictures of your fantastic learning!


Get Moving!


To get ourselves warmed up and ready for today's learning, let's start off with some Just Dance - this one is all about Ghosts!

Just Dance (Kids): Ghostbusters

As always, have a look at our PE page for lots more ideas of activities that you can do.




Don't forget to join in with your phonics lessons today! Access them at this link:


What sound did you practice yesterday? Can you write it in the air with your magic finger? (Remember to say the rhyme whilst you write!)



For the past 2 weeks, we have learnt about the story of Jasper’s Beanstalk. Today I would like you to think about how you feel about this story. Did you like it? Can you remember what happened in it? I would like you to fill in a book review today. Look at the attached worksheet, again if you can’t print it, don’t worry you can create your own on a piece of paper.


I want you to write answers for these questions:

  • Who is the main character? This is the person who was in the story the most.
  • What is the setting? This is where the story took place, outside, inside, in a garden or a park?
  • What happened at the start, middle and end?


You could write something simple like;


Had a bean


Or you could extend your sentence;


Jasper had a bean.



We are going to keep practicing matching 6,7 and 8 today. Have a watch of today's video to find out about your learning activity:


Below, there are some ladybirds. We would like you to add dots to the ladybirds to represent the numbers 6, 7 and 8 in different ways (just like the ladybirds in the video). If you are able to, print and cut these out (if not, copy them on to some paper). Then, we would like you to mix them up, and turn them over. Can you match them back together again?

To adapt this activity, use smaller numbers for your ladybirds, e.g. focus on 2,3 and 4.


Extra Challenge:

Can you add one more dot on to one of your number 8 ladybirds? How many dots are on the ladybird now?



Today is our PE day! We are going to do two PE activities today that both link to our book, Jasper’s Beanstalk, and gardening. Our first game is called the Bean game, and we think that lots of you will have played it before (so we know you’ll be fantastic!).


To play this game you first need to learn some actions:


Runner Bean – Run as fast as you can on the spot

Jellybean – Wibble and wobble like a jelly

Baked Bean – Curl up into the smallest ball you can

String Bean – Stretch up as high into the sky as you can

Broad Bean – Stick out your arms and make yourself as wide as possible

Jumping Bean – Jump on the spot


Now, you need to travel safely around your room. You could walk, skip, hop etc. or try lots of different ways! Then, your grownup needs to call out one of the types of beans – can you do the action for it as quickly as you can?


To finish off our PE today we would like you to have a watch a short yoga story. It is called ‘Rachel’s Day in the Garden’. On each page of the story, Rachel acts out a different yoga pose – can you copy her? (you might need to pause the story to do this!)

Rachel's Day in the Garden

Remember to email us your fantastic learning! See you tomorrow smiley