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Tuesday 24th March

Remember to download your activity sheets from the bottom of the page. 



Today, I'd like you to try and add decimals to number lines. Think carefully about how many tenths there are. This will tell you how far along the number line the decimal number needs to go. 


At the bottom, there is a Maths activity that includes a 'Mild' and a 'Hot' activity. Have a go at the Mild one if you're unsure and have a look at the Learning slides to help practice this skill. 


The link below also has a video for tenths on a number line. Extend your learning with the activity next to it too, if you want to. 




Recap and practice finding and identifying unit and non-unit fractions. 


Unit fractions - have number 1 at the top, e.g. 1/2       1/5       1/12    


Non-unit fractions - have other numbers at the top, e.g. 2/2       3/5     6/12    


Look at the video for Lesson 1 on this link below.


Then complete the activity. Use the answer sheet to check how well you have done. Good luck!





At the bottom, there are a few different activities for you to do, depending on your group and how confident you feel with your reading and writing. Most of you should feel fine having a go at 'The Princess and the Pea'. You may know this story already! Read the story on the document and practice reading it out loud using expression. Tell the story to somebody in your family if you can. 


There are some questions attached for you to answer about this story and I would like you to create a story board for it too. There are even some extra activities with links to YouTube versions of this story. 




For Blue group and anybody who is finding The Princess and the Pea difficult, I've put two stories at the bottom for you to have a go at. The first is 'Icarus'. This is a story I think you might like to read and then I'd like you to practice punctuating speech. Make a conversation using the speech bubbles and then write it with punctuation. Use this video to remind you of speech punctuation. 


If you are finding Icarus and speech a little tricky. Have a go at reading St George and the Dragon. I'd like you to read the story and then you can listen to the YouTube version. The link is on the document. Compare the two versions and complete the other activities on the download. 


Other Activities


Physical Education


It will be really easy for any of us to become quite lazy now that we are at home a lot more. So please take the time to keep fit and healthy. Each day I will add the link to Joe Wicks' daily workout. He will be live on YouTube every day at 9am. If you miss it, I will post the link for each day the day after. So here is Monday 23rd March's P.E. lesson with Joe. 




Recently, it was Science week and we didn't get the chance to take part in any experiments or investigations. During this time at home, you could complete some interesting Science experiments. There is an e-book below with 10 simple experiments which you may have all necessary equipment for already. 

When the email addresses are ready, feel free to send pictures of your experiment, maybe even with a small description of what you did.