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Imagine, Believe, Succeed

Tuesday 23rd February

Welcome back Nursery, today is teriffic Tuesday.

Lets continue our week of learning by having a look at some of the amazing photos that you have been sending in, we can't wait to see more of them.

We're starting this morning off with a wake up and shake up called "Awesome Rainbows".

We think that rainbows are awesome too, can you play I spy and spot all the colours of the rainbow?



Let's make some sound soup on this Terrific Tuesday. I wonder what sound we will use today?


Still image for this video


Now we are going to revisit our story Each Peach Pear Plum, I Spy lots of children who are ready and waiting to listen.

In the story we met lots of characters. How many can you remember? Tell your grownup. 

Your task is to look at the picture from the last page. All of the characters are together! Who can you spy? Is there anyone you forgot? 

Say hello to your favourite character. We would love you to draw a picture of them and send it to us.

Who can you spy in the picture?


In our story we saw lots of fruit trees in the pictures. Do you know that fruit grows on trees? Your maths task today is to add the correct number of apples to the tree. You will need a dice ( or numbers to 1-6 on paper if you don't have a dice), a drawing or picture of a tree and some apples or pieces of paper to represent the apples. Roll the dice, or choose a number.

  1. Count the dots on the side of the dice that is showing.
  2. How many dots can you count?
  3. Place the correct number of apples on the tree and say the numbers as you carefully count.

Understanding the World

Earlier we told you that some fruit grows on trees. In our maths lesson today you put apples on a tree, apples are one of the fruits that grow on a tree. 

Aunty Mabel is going to teach us all about how apples grow.

Can you answer these questions about apples?

  • What colour are apples?
  • What do we call somewhere where apple trees grow?
  • How are the apples sorted?
  • Where can we go to buy apples?