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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning.

Are you ready for your learning today? Remember to send me your learning to our class email so I can see how you are doing.


Let's start with a warm up.


Please watch today’s videos on RWI YouTube channel. They will show at 9.30am and will be available for 24 hours.

If you are in Miss Barnett’s group and Mrs Beech’s group you will need to watch the set 2 speed sounds, word time and spelling videos.

If you are in Miss Meakin’s group you will need to watch the set 3 speed sounds, word time and spelling videos. When you have completed this lesson, try the reading longer words lesson.

I have attached the link below. Just scroll down to find the videos you need.


Today we are going to carry on with our story the Woman Who Fooled the Fairies. I wonder what will happen today?
You can read the text on the video or you can print it out first. This text will be needed for the whole week so hold onto it if you print it out. 

First click on the video to start your reading learning with Miss Fawkes.

For your learning activity today you will be using the text to fill in the gap. Again, you have to use your Ninja eyes to locate the sentence with the gap in the text, so you can accurately select the correct answer.

Tuesday reading.mp4

Still image for this video


Year 1 and Blue group

Today we are going to carry on our learning about counting in 2s.

Look at this number line. Can you count in 2s forwards? Now can you count back in 2s?

Now you have practised counting on twos, you are going to use this to work out how many objects there are altogether. Look at the picture. There are 2 flowers in each vase, so we can count in twos to find out how many flowers there are altogether.

Now watch the video to carry on your learning about counting in 2s. Remember to have your activity sheet ready.

Year 2

For your maths learning today you are going to be counting the sides on a 2-D shape.

Counting the sides is easier if you put a mark through each side as you count the sides.

Look at these examples of counting sides on a 2-D shape.

Now watch the video below to help you learn and understand more about counting the sides on a 2-D shapes.

The 2-D shape word mat below may help you when you have to write the names of some of the 2D shapes.

Now have a go at your worksheet!


This week we are going to be reading Wolves by Emily Gravett. It is a picture book so you will have to look very carefully at the pictures as they are telling the story.

I have chosen this video because Emily Gravett, the author, is reading the book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Year 1 and 2: Now answer the questions about the book.

Remember to read the questions carefully. Answer the questions in complete sentences where you can. Your sentence should start with a capital letter and end with a full stop. Read your answer after you have written it to check it makes sense.


Blue group: I would like you to choose your favourite picture from the book. I would like you to say what is happening in that picture and then tell me why you like the picture.


Today we are going to look at another significant person from History. His name is Martin Luther King and he was born over 90 years ago.

He lived in America around the same time as Rosa Parks.

Can you remember why she was significant?

Watch the video to remind yourself about her.


Martin Luther King was also trying to bring about change by campaigning against racial inequality or unfairness.

First look at the power point.

Martin Luther King Powerpoint.mp4

Still image for this video

Watch the video to find out more about Martin Luther King. Don’t forget to try the jigsaw below the video afterwards.


Now you are going to complete a timeline of some of the important events in the life of Martin Luther King and then answer some questions.

Story time


Today you can listen to Miss Fawkes reading Mantu the Elephant. 
She will be reading chapter 1.
Come back tomorrow to see how the story ends!
I hope you enjoy the story.
Click here to listen to the story.