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Tuesday 2nd March

Below you will find all the learning for today. This includes reading, writing, maths and a foundation subject (Science, Geography, History, R.E, Computing, art or Design Technology). The coloured activities should be completed if your child is in that group in class. All reading texts and worksheets can be found at the bottom of the page, some reading texts will be posted Monday for use all week. 


Reading - Holes by Louis Sacher

Today we will continue our reading from where we left off yesterday. So We will start from the break in chapter 4, from where it says: Stanley had to remove... and will finish today's reading at the end of the chapter. 


Stanley has arrived at the camp and Mr Sir is here to welcome him. What do you expect Mr Sir to show/explain to Stanley as he is a new arrival. Think about what new teachers talk about when you start a new class or what your boss would do on your first day of work. 

Clarify -

Jumpsuit - 

Sneakers - trainers

Canteen - 

Wasteland - 

Question -

Retrieval Questions: All groups do all questions today

  1. What was Stanley given on his arrival to Camp Green Lake?
  2. Are their fences or guard towers at the Camp?

Inference Questions:

  1. Why does Mr Sir check Stanley's bag?
  2. Why do the children have to wake up at 4:30 for breakfast and start digging so soon after?
  3. Why are now fences of guard towers needed at Camp Green Lake? (3 marks)

SAT style questions:

  1. Find and copy a word that means dodge. 
  2. Mr Sir carries a gun, but its not for shooting the children. Who does he say it is for and what does he mean by this?

Summary -

What do you think Stanley's thoughts were at the time this conversation ends? Explain what thoughts are going through his mind, in 3 sentences. 


Writing - The Highwayman

In this lesson you will generate our own vocabulary to describe the setting of the poem and the main character. We will use some of these words to practise writing our own sentences using fronted adverbials.


Fronted adverbials go at the beginning of a sentence to give us more information, they tell us when, where and how something happens,they are followed by a comma. Here are some examples:

Joyfully, children's smiling faces peeped around the door of their classroom.

As quick as a flash, their teacher welcomed them back and helped them to settle in their seats.

At the side of the rooms, coat pegs began to fill with a selection of brightly coloured coats.


Now - watch the video pausing as you go along to gather vocabulary and write your word bank and sentences as you are asked to. Then I would like you to use the word bank to write some sentences as explained in your group below.


Green and Yellow - Write four sentences with an adverbial opener for each setting - the moor, the trees, the moon - and the highwayman.

Orange and Red - Write three sentence with an adverbial opener for each - the trees, the moon and the highwayman.

Blue - Write a sentence about the wind using an adverbial opener to describe how it blows. Write a sentence about the highwayman using an adverbial opener to describe how he is riding his horse.


Maths -

Today you will be looking at reflection. When we look at ourselves in a mirror it looks exactly the same as us - when we reflect a shape it is as if the shape is looking in a mirror. We draw a line on the sheet of paper and then reflect the shape. To do this chose one of the vertices (corners) - count how many squares it is from the line - then count the same number of squares on the other side of the line and this is its new 'reflected' position. You then repeat this for each of the other vertices and finish your shape off by joining the corners back together to make a new shape. You might find it helpful to use a different colour for each one as first. This link explains in pictures and there is a quiz you can take before completing your worksheet.

Green and Yellow - Orange and Red - Complete all questions, if you need help join the zoom.

Blue - Continuing this week's work on Fractions. Today you will find half of a shape or number of objects. The lesson is here and the worksheet is found below. 


BLUE MATHS GROUP -ZOOM MEETING FROM 10:30 UNTIL 11:00 - drop in so I can help you with your learning this week.

OTHER MATHS GROUPS - ZOOM MEETING FROM 11:15 UNTIL 11:45 - drop in during this time if you would like some help with this week's maths learning.


Foundation - Design Technology: Session 2

Origami Paper Box

Today we are trying to make and decorate this:

There are a few steps to this we need to be careful of. The boxes can not be made to the same size. Otherwise they do not slot together properly without crushing one of them slightly. So we need to make 2 boxes very close in size. 

This is how:

  • So you make one square the full size. As you did the previous day. 
  • You make a second square but trim the two sides shown in red in part B. This means you end up with the smaller red square shown in part C.
  • This way the two boxes should fit into/over one another and make a lid that can easily be removed. 


Once you have made your boxes you can decorate them as you see fit. You can stick things too them and try boxes of different sizes. They also are a good way to make boxes for small gifts for people. 

Please email your teacher a picture of what you have made.