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Yesterday we started reading Esio Trot.  We reached the part where we met the main characters Mr Hoppy and his neighbour, Mrs Silver. We found out that Mr Hoppy is very shy.


Open up Tuesday’s reading resources at the end of this section: 


  • Pages to read (Tuesday)
  • Reading - Tuesday 9.2.21


Read through the instructions - they will guide you through the activities you are going to do when you have read today’s pages (p.8-15). We have also made a video to guide you through it!




RML Readers:

Follow the link below:




This week we are learning how to write instructions.


Yesterday we explored the different features of instructions. Today in our grammar lesson we are going to learn about imperative verbs and how to use them when we are writing instructions.


When we write instructions, we use imperative (or ‘bossy’) verbs in our writing.  This is so that the person reading the instruction knows what they have to do.


These verbs are written in the present tense and they sound like they are giving the person an order.  


Here is an example of an instruction:


Firstly, crack the egg and mix it in with the flour.


We have made some resources to help you complete the activities in the video.

Go to the Writing Resources at the bottom of this section and open up these documents:


Imperative Verbs Powerpoint


Writing - Tuesday 9.2.21- find the right activity for your group and just do this one.



Today we are continuing to look at 2-digit numbers divided by 1-digit numbers. Take a look/listen to the PowerPoint and once you have worked your way through it attempt today's questions.


Today your task is to complete a Times table wheel for the 8 Times table in the same way as you completes some for your 4s last week. Listen to the recording below then attempt the wheels in the task.



Today in Maths, you will be looking at numbers between 10 and 20.


Below is the link to a video that will help you with today’s learning. Please make sure the sound is on.

Once you have watched this video, complete your group's task. Remember you can always refer back to the video if you need to. When you have finished, get a different coloured pen and check your work with an adult using the answers provided.


Attached is a true or false question for you to look at and talk through your thoughts with an adult. Please remember you do not need to write down this answer to this unless you want to as it is just for discussion.


Still image for this video
Hajj - Listen to this short introduction by Miss Pegler and then work your way through the PowerPoint and task.