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Tuesday 16th February

Below you will find all the learning for today. This includes reading, writing, maths and a foundation subject (Science, Geography, History, R.E, Computing, art or Design Technology). The coloured activities should be completed if your child is in that group in class. All reading texts and worksheets can be found at the bottom of the page, some reading texts will be posted Monday for use all week. 


Reading -  Graphic Novel: Macbeth - Picture 25 - 26 - The Wood Moves.

Summary -

Before reading, draw you own illustration. Show the scene where the woods move towards Macbeth's castle. I want to see your ideas, not just the image from the book copies. Add a narration box to explain what the images shows. Use speech bubbles to add dialogue from Macbeth and the guard. 

Clarify -

  • charmed life - 
  • disclosed -
  • caesarean - 

Question -

  1. Who do you want to win? Give reasons to support you views. (3 marks)
  2. Who in the audience, the people around the edge of the age, says the funniest thing? What do they say? What are they talking about? Why is it funny?

Predict -

'Macbeth new his end had come' - How was he so sure that this was the end for him? Make reference to the witches prophecies and events from the story. 


Writing - Shakespeare - Macbeth

Today you are going to write the dialogue for your play. Look at the short video at the top of the page when you open it.

When you write dialogue for a play you write the name of the speaker first and then what they say. You start a new line for each speaker. There are other things that you would include in a playscript but for today I would like you to just write the dialogue for your scene. For example:


SISTER 1: When shall we three meet again?

SISTER 2: In thunder, lightning or in rain?

SISTER 3: When the hurlyburly’s done! When the battle’s lost and won! SISTER 1: That will be ‘ere the set of sun.

SISTER 2: Where the place?

SISTER 3: Upon ... the heath. ALL SISTERS: There to meet ... Macbeth!


If you need extra help look at the page with the Queen on in your playscript booklet from Monday's page.


Green and Yellow - Orange  Red   -  Chose a section of the play

Blue - Can you write the section where Macbeth meets the witches - what do they tell him?


Maths - Decimals and percentages

Today's video will help you to learn how to order fractions, decimals and percentages. To do this you will need to be able to convert them to the same format - look back at Friday's maths if you need a reminder.


Green and Yellow - Complete questions 1 - 4, then as many of the problems solving questions as you can.

Orange and Red - Complete questions 1 - 4. Challenge yourselves - can you complete any one of the problem solving questions.

Blue - This week you will be learning how to find the perimeter of shapes. Remember perimeter means the measurement all around the edge of a shape.

You will begin by calculating perimeter on a grid - your video is here.


Foundation -  Art

Today we are going to look at the work of a new artist - Pablo Picasso, click here to find out more about his work. When you have watched the clip I would like you to have a go at the activity he suggested. You can cut pictures from any magazine or newspaper you have at home, if you do not have any then draw different parts of a face from different angles and then cut them out and put them together as one face. I look forward to seeing your finished collages.