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Imagine, Believe, Succeed




Today, you will begin reading Chapter 4 of ‘The Iron Man’. Today’s reading pages are 37-39.


Work through the Reading PowerPoint and complete today’s written task. The chapter is attached below.


Here is the order we usually follow in class for Reciprocal Reading:

  • Predict (sensible guess)

  • Read the pages

  • Clarify the meaning of words you didn’t know 

  • Answer the questions

  • Summarise




Today you are going to practise some of your common exception word spellings. You are going to practise using the pyramid method, as this form of repetition will help you to remember the correct spelling. 


Attached is an example of how to use the pyramid method to practise your spellings. The words you are going to practise are below, according to your group for writing. 


Green/Yellow - occasion, occasionally, particular, peculiar, potatoes, reign

Red/Orange - different, experience, grammar, interest, knowledge, circle




Today, you are going to learn a written method to help you with your division. This is called the bus stop method. We are going to focus on 2 digit numbers today and progress over the next few days.


Here is the link to a video that will teach you everything you need to know for this lesson, just as I would teach you in class: 


After you have watched the video, have a go at answering the questions on the attached worksheet. Answer as many as you can. As this is a new skill you will all have the same questions however you may want to as an adult for help with some. Afterwards, you can mark your answers and ask a grown up to go through any mistakes you made that you don’t know how to correct.


I have also attached a sheet which shows you how to set out and answer the questions using the bus stop method. 


Please make sure you send me in your work as this is new learning and I would like to see how you got on and help you more if needed.




This week, we are moving on to the third pillar of Islam, this one is called Zakat. This pillar is all about charity, Muslims give money or food to those less fortunate.

Zakat is an amount of money or food that all Muslims must pay.  This is given to the people and causes, that Allah mentioned in the Qu’ran.  These are, the poor, the needy, to encourage others to join the Muslim faith, to help those in debt, people who owe money or goods to others and to help fund hospitals and other good causes.

Please read the PowerPoint, discuss with an adult and draw some of things that might be given as Zakat.

Remember to add the word Zakat to the next pillar.


Story Time


Please listen and enjoy a chapter a day of this incredible book.


Varjak Paw by S. F. Said


Chapter 8