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Imagine, Believe, Succeed


Good morning Troughton class! laugh

I hope you are happy and ready for another day of super learning! Remember to keep emailing me pictures of your learning. 
Have a good Tuesday!


Miss Sharpe's group - Just like yesterday I would like to join in with the live phonics lesson streaming on youtube at 9:30am (remember if you miss it - don't worry! It will be on the youtube channel for 24hrs) 
You are learning set 3 sounds so make sure this is the one that you watch. You should also watch the spelling video to match the sound which you are learning today.
It's really important to keep practising your sounds. 

Here's the link:


For your reading learning today you are still using the non-fiction text 'Chinese New Year'. You should read through the text again to remind yourself. For your main learning you are going to match information. Skim through the text to find the key word you need to match, then read the sentence before checking the options for matching the word. You should then be able to choose the best match.

Today's dance is 'Superheroes Unite' I know you all love this one. Get your dance on! laugh

Maths: Red, Orange, Yellow and Green groups

Today’s maths learning is creating multiplication sentences from pictures.

When you see a representation, look at it closely and think:
How many groups are there?
How many are there in each group?
Then say the number sentence in the ways we have learnt already. There are ____ groups of ____ this will help you to write the number sentence using the X symbol.

Look at this example:


There are 4 groups of 4. So my number sentence would be 4 X 4 = ____
I would count how many there are altogether to find the total and my answer to the number sentence.


Watch the video on the link below to help you learn more about creating a multiplication sentence from a picture:


When completing your worksheet, you need to remember to look at what the picture is showing carefully, as explained above. J
Green and Yellow groups, you need to draw pictures to show what the different multiplication sentences are saying for your first set of questions.

Maths: Blue group

Today you are going to add ones using number bonds.

Watch this video below to remind yourself how to use number bonds within 20.

After you have watched this video there are another 2 videos on the links below to help you learn how to add by using number bonds.


To complete your learning these tips might help you.

Q1 – Use your number bonds to add the ones first.
Q2 – Write the totals of the number bonds in the whole part that hasn’t been filled in yet.

Q3 – Write the answer of each number bond in the box.


Did you enjoy the Princess and the Pea last week? This week we are going to be carrying on with this story. At the end of the week, we will read another version of this story that has a twist to the tale!

Today though we are going to think about using adjectives in our writing. Adjectives are describing words that tell us more about the person, animal or object. We use adjectives to make our writing more interesting to the reader as well.

Watch this short clip to remind yourself about adjectives.


We are going to use adjectives to describe a princess.


In the story of the Princess and the Pea he searched near and far to find a real princess.

He might have put up posters as well on his search to find a princess.


A poster is a large printed sheet, usually with a picture on and written information, that is put up where lots of people can see it. This is a poster.

It tells us

  • what the poster is all about
  • all the information about the disco

Today you are going to make a wanted poster to help the prince find a real princess.

Your poster must include

  • a picture of what kind of princess the prince wants to find.
  • sentences to describe the princess.

Your sentences will need to tell the reader what the princess should look like

Your sentences will need to tell the reader what kind of person she needs to be. Does the prince want a kind or mean princess? Will she be helpful or lazy? Why? Will she be tidy or untidy? Will she be brave? Why? What kinds of hobbies might she need to have? Why?

  • If the prince wants to meet the princess how can the princess contact him? Is there a pretend address or a pretend phone number on the poster?

REMEMBER you need to use adjectives in your sentences so the prince can find his real princess!

I am looking for a princess who has long, golden hair.


I have attached a poster for you to use or you can make your own. I have also included a word bank of words you might use to describe your princess.

I am looking forward to seeing your posters! smiley


Have you ever drawn a picture on the computer?  

In class, we have been looking at a drawing programme and exploring the different tools you can use. The programme is called Paint. You could also use Sketchpad if you want to.

Here’s a link for sketchpad:

Today you are going to create a portrait using this programme.

What is a portrait? It is a picture of a face. 

Look in the mirror at your features. What colour are your eyes? What colour is your hair? Is it long or short? Look at the shape of your face, nose and mouth.

You will need to use the ‘Shape’ tool to draw an oval (called an ellipse on Sketchpad).

The ‘Fur’ brush could be used for hair.

The ‘Pencil’ tool could be used to draw big circles for eyes.

If you cannot access a computer to draw a portrait, try using different shapes to make a picture of your face. You could use an oval shape for your face and circles for eyes. It is up to you.

When you have finished, perhaps you could send me a photograph of your work and tell me what tools you used to draw it on the paint programme or what tools you used to draw it on paper.

You could do both activities and then complete the activity I have attached.