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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed



Today you will need a pencil and some paper before you begin your phonics lesson. I hope you also have your fred fingers ready.
You are going to practise the sound 'ay'. May I play?
Watch the video below and join in. smiley


For your maths learning today you need to subtract amounts and numbers. You could draw the largest starting number by drawing dots on a piece of paper and then crossing out the amount you are subtracting. Then count how many are left to find the answer.

Try to practise writing the number sentence too! (10 - 5 = 5) 


Watch and listen to the story below again to remind yourself of the Owl who was Afraid of the Dark.

Then I would like you to look at the colourful sentence prompts on your worksheet and first say your sentence and then write your sentence. Remember the small words so that your sentence makes sense!

Design and Technology

For your DT learning today I am hoping that you can use your super DT knowledge from a lesson we completed a few weeks ago to create your own different slider!

Remember to attach your vehicle or item to a strip of card or paper and then insert it inside a cut slit on another piece of paper to make the slide move along.

Check the power point below to give you some tips!

You created a train on a track before. Could you use the same technique to create a car on a road? Or a spaceship in space? 

If you don't have a hole punch, your grown up can make a hole in your paper using a pencil.

I'm sure you will have lots of fun creating your own slider!