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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed



Blue group – play the video of set 1 sounds. Say the sounds at the same time as the lady in the video.


After you have finished it. Then read the ditty with a grown up.

First read the sounds you will need for the ditty.

Next “fred talk” the green words you will need for the ditty.

After that read the red words you will need for the ditty.

Then read the ditty.


Blue group – For your maths warm up today I would like you to count carefully to find out how many pets there are. Remember to say the number as you touch each pet. Write the number carefully.

Now we are going to add two numbers together to find how many there are altogether.


Blue group – This week we are going to be looking at instructions.

Instructions tell us what to do. You will find instructions in lots of different places, such as how to play a game, how to bake something and how to put something together.

Instructions need to have bossy verbs – action words       

sit    stand     mix       clap

Now try the activity. Cut out the pictures to match to each instruction.


Today in class we are going to carry on looking at using the programme Paint.

This term we have been using the computers to explore Paint.

First you need to draw a picture on the activity sheet that you would like to copy and complete on Paint.


What shapes are you going to need?

What size will these shapes be?

What colours will you need?


Now you have drawn your picture on paper, see if you can use Paint programme to make the same picture. Perhaps you could take a picture of it and send it to me.