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Greenfield Primary School

Imagine, Believe, Succeed



Year 1 - Today’s sound is ai (snail in the rain) Watch the video to find out about our new sound.

When you have finished, complete the activity.

Phonics set 3 - ai sound

Blue group – play the video of set sounds. Say the sounds at the same time as the lady in the video.

After you have finished it. Then read the ditty with a grown up.

First read the sounds you will need for the ditty.

Next “fred talk” the green words you will need for the ditty.

After that read the red words you will need for the ditty.

Then read the ditty.



Year 1 - First we are going to see if you can complete the weekly skills sheet by yourself. (Last week, we went through some of the questions together) Try to do it by yourself, then go through it with a grown up. I can’t wait to see how you do.

How did you get on yesterday learning your number bonds which make 10? Today we are going to find fact families for these number bonds.

Here is an example.

You know 1 + 9 = 10. If we know this, then we know the switcher 9 + 1 = 10.

We can also complete 2 subtraction number sentences -  10 - 1= 9 and 10 - 9= 1.

This is the fact family.

Use number bonds which make 10 and number bonds which make 20 to find each fact family on the activity sheet.

Blue group – Last week we looked at adding 2 sets together to find how many there were altogether.

2 + 3 = 5

See if you can complete these addition number sentences. You an use some objects if you need to help you or you can draw


Year 1 - Today we are going to think about the character of the boy in the story The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Watch the video again to find out what happens in the story but also listen carefully to find out about Sam.


On the first pages the book tells us that the boy is called Sam and that he lives in a village. I can use this information to write 2 sentences about the boy.

Sam is a young boy.

He lives in a village in the countryside close to some mountains.

Remember that a sentence needs to begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop.

Now I want you to write some sentences telling me what you know about the boy.

Your sentences can tell me what he looks like,

                                           What he does

                                           What kind of boy he is

I want to see that you are using capital letters and full stops correctly.

Blue group – Watch the video to find out what happens in the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

Today you are going to look at 2 pictures from the story and write some sentences about what you can see happening. Think about who, what doing, to what like you do in class. Remember to make sure your sentence makes sense.

Today is our art lesson.

So far, we have looked at drawing different types of lines - wavy, vertical, horizontal and cross hatch and we have used our sketching pencils to add tone to make our pictures look 3D.

We have shaded parts of our drawings to show where it is darker. Look at these sketches of ribbon. Look for the lighter tones and the darker tones.


In class we are going to use some of the objects in our work folders like scissors, pencil, glue stick and a ruler.

If you have these objects at home you can use them too. If you do not, don’t worry because you can choose a few objects you have at home – like a spoon, a cup, a piece of Lego, a pen.

First you need to arrange these objects in an interesting way in front of you.

Now use a pencil to draw the outlines of the objects in the correct positions, then use the pencil to put the different tones in.